School Information

Ann LeTort Elementary School is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. LeTort is one of seven elementary schools in the Penn Manor School District. Our school educates students in kindergarten through sixth grade with a student population of approximately 300 students. In 2019, Letort was awarded the National Blue Ribbon award from the U. S. Department of Education for closing the achievement gap in our students. We are extremely proud of this recognition.

LeTort is a small, community based school with thirteen classroom teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade. Additional faculty members provide instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library/Applied Engineering. Support services are provided in the area of guidance, reading, learning support, gifted education, and speech. Our faculty and staff strive to meet the academic needs of all students to help them achieve their personal best.

LeTort has a very supportive school community. We are very appreciative of our parent volunteers and the work of our PTO. We strive to keep the lines of communication open between home and school. By working together we can help all students succeed.

Ann LeTort Elementary School is a wonderful place for students to grow and learn!