Applied Engineering

What is Applied Engineering? Every student in grades 1 through 6 participates in this STEM related class, but too often, parents are unclear about what exactly the students are learning about or what they're working on in this field. Here is a website that not only explains what Applied Engineering is, but it also showcases the projects that each grade level works on with an explanation and pictures of example projects. You can always contact Jenna Moyer with questions!

Applied Engineering Website

November 7, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The safety and security of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. For this reason, our school district conducts various drills to familiarize students and staff with procedures to follow in the event of an emergency. Severe weather, lockdown, evacuation and fire drills are conducted on a regular basis.

On Monday, November 7, 2022 we conducted a lockdown drill. The purpose of this exercise was to prepare students and staff in the event that we needed to keep students safe within the building and assess a potential danger. For this drill, an announcement was made over the public address system to inform everyone in the building of the drill. The staff then ensured that common areas were cleared, and teachers secured their classrooms. The drill lasted approximately five minutes.

Many of the drills we conduct are held to develop decision-making skills to be used in the event of an actual emergency. Students are reminded to utilize three strategies if a serious event does occur:

· Escape - You have the right to flee to a safe place.

· Enhance - You have the right to create a safe place when you can’t leave.

· Engage - You have the right to engage an intruder to escape from the situation or defend yourself to establish a safe place.

We appreciate the support of the community, the professionalism of our staff and the conduct of our students in all of our school safety endeavors. Please feel free to contact me at (717) 872-9530 if you have any questions regarding our school safety drills.


Dr. Carly McPherson


Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-up Coming Soon!

Here is a quick Youtube video to explain how to sign-up for our parent-teacher conferences. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST BEFORE SIGNING UP!

This year, parents will sign up for a parent-teacher conference IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL. IN-PERSON is preferred. On Friday, October 21, 2022, you will receive links for Letort teachers that you will use to log in and secure a time slot that works for you.

Conferences will be held on Monday, November 21, 2022 from 1:45-8:00 PM and on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 from 1:45-3:45 PM. Depending on availability there might be dates/times that are out of those two days available.

To plan ahead for conferences:

  • Look at your calendar, select dates/times that will work best for your family. Please remember we only host one conference, so it is very important that blended families coordinate this in advance.

  • After you sign up for your conference, an email confirmation will be sent to the email account of the teacher and also to the account you used to sign up.

  • A parent tip: If you sign up using your child’s account, please hold onto their login information. You will need the date/time of the conference to log back in for the Google Meet conference.

  • If you are unable to sign up for a conference using your child’s computer, please contact our building secretary, Melanie Drennen, at 717-872-9530 to schedule your appointment.

Deadline to sign up for a conference is November 3rd.

Laps for Letort


Friday, October 7, 2022, was a momentous day at Letort. For the first time in three years, we hosted the "original" Laps for Letort format. We raised over $12,000 for special events, field trips, etc. for our Letort staff and students.

Mrs. Binkley's class raised the most money and will have a water balloon battle in the coming days. Zoey Donahue, in Mrs. McElheny's class, will have dinner delivered by Dr. McPherson. Additionally, staff and students will participate in Letort Story Hour and yes, Dr. McPherson will dress like the Letort lion. These activities will be scheduled soon!

Finally, all students will have the opportunity to participate in a "Bounce House Day" in the coming weeks for all their hard work in raising funds for our school.

We had such a fun time and many commented on the positive, community feel of the day. Thank you so much for your support and all you do!

What is a Hallway Hero - 10/5/22

A Hallway Hero is any student who has been recognized for extraordinary behavior in the hallway. When students get recognized, they may add their name to the hallway poster. In the future, Once a name continues to get put on the poster, that student will be promoted to a Hallway Patrol. Hallway Patrollers will monitor the hallways at the end of the day at dismissal.

Next Week is Spirit Week!

With Penn Manor Homecoming and Laps for Letort coming up next week, we thought it would be a great idea to have a Spirit Week! We look forward to celebrating this fun week with our Letort students.

LeTort students celebrated International Dot Day on Sept 15th by creating a collaborative school-wide art display. Inspired by the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, students expressed themselves by creating a one-of-a-kind unique dot. Each grade level had a color theme to make the rainbow effect in the final display. Students also participated in writing or telling someone something encouraging as this was a theme in the book.


The Letort Running Club officially started on Tuesday! Recess Running Club is a FUN activity for our students that helps encourage fitness and wellness, personal goal setting, motivation, stress reduction, and social skills. Students can choose to walk, run, or jog laps around a course during lunch recesses on certain dates. Many thanks to Dr. Janssen for bringing this wonderful opportunity to the students of Letort.

If you’d like to volunteer your time, please click here to sign-up.


Introduction to Mrs. Bawiec

School Counselor at Eshleman and Letort

Hello! My name is Alisha Bawiec and this is going to be my 8th year working in the district. This year I am taking on a new role as a school counselor working in both the Eshleman and Letort buildings. I will be working alongside Sam Strosser to ensure there is a counselor available in each building every day. Previously I was teaching the Applied Engineering course at Pequea Elementary and technology/business courses at the high school.

I felt it was important to introduce myself to the community as the school year begins. I graduated from Millersville in 2014 with my bachelor’s in K-12 Technology Education and again in May of 2020 to receive my School Counseling degree. Throughout my eight years in the classroom I had the opportunity to teach all grade levels from grades 1-12. This was a fantastic experience to watch students grow and learn throughout their time in Penn Manor. Last year my husband and I welcomed our first child, Boston. Massachusetts holds a close place in our heart and has played a significant role in our lives the last several years, leading to the name choice. My family is big in sports and I follow football, ice hockey, and baseball throughout the season. I am a strong Philadelphia sports fan with the Eagles, Flyers, and Phillies. When I am not at school I enjoy spending time with my family and reading.

My decision to leave the classroom and switch roles was not an easy one. However, I was passionate about helping more students in more ways beyond just academics. Please feel free to reach out to me any time via email at alisha.bawiec@pennmanor.net.

I am excited to meet Eshleman and Letort students and families this year!

Got Sneakers


Got Sneakers??? Who doesn't? Whether you're cleaning out your closets for new, back-to-school items or getting rid of old, outgrown sports gear, it all works for GotSneakers!

This year, LeTort PTO will be partnering with GotSneakers to not only help the environment by keeping old sneakers out of landfills but also raising money for our school! And all you have to do is get rid of your old sneakers!!

Here’s how you can help:

Start in your and your family’s closets and gather as many PAIR of sneakers that you no longer want. You can ask your neighbors, family members, friends, co-workers, and anyone in your social networks to help out. Every pair counts!

Once you collect, bring them to the LeTort playground on WED. AUG. 24th any time between 3pm and 7:30pm to drop off. PTO will bag them and return them to GotSneakers for money back to LeTort and all the great programs we support at our school!

Camp Letort


Some second and third graders joined a few Letort teachers over the past two weeks to engage in fun reading and math activities. These second graders "camped" as they practiced essential literacy skills, which included making words, writing, reader's theater, and more. It was wonderful to seeing their smiling faces each day.