Ann LeTort Elementary PTO 

Meeting Minutes

12 September 2023

LeTort Library

In attendance: Dr. Carly McPherson (Principal), Melissa Hochreiter (President), Monica Beazley (Vice-President), Tara Beakes (Treasurer), Karen Giffin (Asst. Officer), Bethany Nissley (Asst. Officer), Heather Tennies (Secretary), Mrs. Baker (Academic Support Teacher) and 10 others

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:

Previous Events Recap

Upcoming Events

Open Floor

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Next meeting will be Thursday, October 12 at 6:30pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Heather Tennies.


LeTort PTO Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2023 at 4:30 pm at 130 Ridge Ln.

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Monica Beazley, Vice President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Gabriela Hagiu, Assistant Treasurer; Bethany Nissley -Signs 

Treasurer forecast: after the final anticipated incoming revenue and payments/reimbursement, there is expected to be approximately $12,000 in the PTO account for the beginning of the next academic year. From those, over $5,000 will be spent at the beginning of the year for pre-planned activities (breakfast for teachers, ice cream truck, luncheon for teachers, popsicles, teachers’ disbursements, etc.) 

Additional fundraisers are to be considered to balance the increased cost of activities and additional approved activities for students and teachers. Fundraiser suggestions will be discussed in upcoming meetings. Some suggestions offered at this meeting were: a silent auction for students’ artwork, bingo night, a raffle event, and kids versus teacher games/sports. 

An additional movie night in the fall was considered a good opportunity for fundraising. One idea was to hold an outdoor movie night in September on a Friday or Thursday night and have a suggested donation request. PTO will provide popcorn.  

A buyout option should be added to the fundraiser forms, so families can support PTO without the obligation of ordering, picking up, etc. This option can support the involvement of family members that do not live nearby and cannot participate in a sub-sale, for example. Melissa shared the request PTO received for purchasing two big coolers and two thermoses, which led to more discussions about the buyout option on the soliciting flyers. It was mentioned that if families know what the funds are used for, they will be more willing to support the PTO fundraisers. 

The spirit sale was discussed, and research will be done for a different vendor that would offer more options. Some suggestions for additional items were: caps, umbrellas, rain jackets, outdoor chairs, blankets, and travel mugs. Another suggestion was to use mostly Penn Manor branding and add the Letort logo/name on the sleeve or conspicuously else so the items can be broadly utilized at Penn Manor events/sports.

When discussing the Book Fair, the group considered making it a separate event to be held on different days than parent-teacher conferences days. 

End of year picnic received great feedback. The group considered keeping the same format for next year but adding more options and different food trucks. It was also suggested that for next year PTO should consider contacting PM high school students and MU students to volunteer for the bounce houses and face painting stations.


LeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

  May 9, 2023 at 6:30 in the library

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Gabriela Haigu, Assistant Treasurer; Karen Giffen, Assistant officer; Dr. McPherson and 2 other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

Dr. McPherson discussed end of year events. Awesome Activity Day was a huge success. Thanks to Dr. Janssen and all the volunteers who made the day run smoothly. 

The book swap will be held at the end of May. Students may bring in new or gently used books and pick other books for Summer reading. 

The final Lunch & Learn will be held May 16 from 6-7pm for incoming Kindergarten students only.

The senior walk (former LeTort students that are graduating this year) will be held May 31.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Tara shared there is currently $15,909.16 in the account

Previous Events:

Karen reported that the Daddy/Daughter night was a huge success. The do it yourself method worked. Mrs. Harnish was able to visit more with those in attendance. 

Melissa said the PSSA Staff Breakfast was enjoyed by all. 

The roller skating was well attended and enjoyed by all. Special thanks for all the toiletry donations to The Loft.

Melissa shared that the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon was appreciated by the staff. It was catered by Milk & Honey and was well done.

Upcoming Events / Housekeeping:

The yearbook is finished and will be delivered to students the week of May 27.

Melissa shared that field trips for several grades are happening. 

6th Grade Events- The students will be recognized on June 1 by the 6th grade teachers. Families are invited to attend. The event starts at 2:15.

Monica talked about the End of Year Festival to be held May 25 from 5:30-8pm at the school. Food trucks will be available or you can bring your own picnic and drinks. There will be a dunk tank, raffles, inflatables, face painting, and more. Bring lawn chairs. 

2023-2024 Elections- The votes were unanimous. Monica Beazley was confirmed as the Vice President and Heather Tennies was confirmed as the Secretary. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05.


LeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

11 April 2023 at 6:30pm

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Gabriela Hagiu Asst. Treasurer; Karen Giffen, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal; and five other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30.

Principal’s Report:

Dr. McPherson reported that the PSSA tests will be the weeks of April 24 and May 1. The students will have “spirit color days” again this year—that information will be in the LeTort Ledger.

Field trips are coming up.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-12. Teachers will receive flowers on May 8 and will have a PTO sponsored luncheon.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara noted that there is currently $18,763.27 in the PTO account.

Previous Events Recap:

Karen reported that income for the April Take-Out Tuesday at Chipotle was about $161.88 (33% of sales) and will confirm total at the May meeting.

There was a discussion about the Take Out Tuesday fundraiser and it was decided to continue that event for the 2023-2024 school year.

Melissa reported that the Talent Show was fun and attracted a huge crowd. Only about half the number of acts than in previous years, but a great turnout with many families attending to support the students. Next year tryouts and dress rehearsal will be scheduled farther apart.

Upcoming Events:

Andrea reported that the yearbook is moving along and they are working on getting pictures from teachers. Yearbooks have been purchased for the 6th graders. Deadline to order is April 28.

Karen reported that the Daddy Daughter Paint Night sold out right away, 59 dads and 73 daughters. More canvases and sharpies were ordered. Mrs. Harnish will move from table to table this year instead of instructing the group as a whole. PTO will provide refreshments/snacks. PTO will give Mrs. Harnish a gift card.

Roller Skating night will be at The Castle on April 27 from 5:30-8:00pm. No RSVP. PTO will pay admission fees and students are responsible for the skate fee. Students can request songs for the playlist and PTO will be collecting toiletry donations for The Loft. A flyer will be sent home with the students.

PTO will provide breakfast for the staff on April 24 at the start of PSSA testing.

Administrative Professionals Day is April 26. PTO will give Mrs. Drennen a gift card.

There was a discussion of upcoming field trips and which grades have requested funds from the PTO. Dr. McPherson will check in with the teachers to see if any other assistance is needed.

PTO will provide smoothies for the 6th grade field day and popsicles for the end of year field day on May 25. Since there is a not a school-wide field trip this year, PTO will provide bounce houses/activities for the students to enjoy throughout the day and during the family picnic that evening.

The End of Year Festival on the evening of May 25 will include the aforementioned bounce activities and family picnic. Families will have the opportunity to purchase from one or two food trucks and/or bring their own picnic fare.

6th Grade graduation will be held the afternoon of June 1. PTO has $1,000 earmarked for t-shirts, refreshments, supplies, etc. Expenses are expected to be less.

Melissa announced the PTO officer nominations for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Open Floor:

Continued discussion of possible food trucks for the End of Year Festival—Nano Burger, Mister Softee, Tri-County Barbeque

The snow cone food truck was suggested for the students during Field Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Heather Tennies.


LeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2023 at 6:30 in the library

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Gabriela Haigu, Assistant treasurer; Karen Giffen, Assistant officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, and 6 other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

Dr. McPherson shared that there will be an all school wildlife assembly for the students on March 13. It will be split into two sessions. All classes also participated in dissecting an owl pellet to go along with the theme of “Poppy”. There will be another assembly from Maryland Science Center next week and another traveling art assembly at the end of the month with the Van Gogh Museum.

Dr. McPherson talked about the dates for PSSA testing. April 25-27 ( Language Arts), May 1-2   ( Math), May 3-4 (Science 4th only).

There will be spirit days coming up on Wed the 15th (Twin Day) and Thurs the 16th (Green Day) for students and staff that wish to participate

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara shared that there is currently $23,266.31 in account.

Previous Events Recap:

Karen reported that the Take Out Tuesday this month was successful. The next one will be held on April 4 at Chipotle.

Sons and Special Ladies night was also a huge success. The format was changed for this year and everything ran smoothly.

Jess shared that we sold nearly 800 subs! This will help with field trips and other events. *Reminder* Sub pick up is this Tuesday (Mar. 14) from 4-6pm in front of the main office.

 Upcoming Events / Housekeeping:

Jess talked about plans for the end of year picnic. The hope is to have a couple of food trucks as a fundraiser. Families can also bring a picnic meal. There will be free bounces and other activities for the kids.

Melissa discussed the talent show. There are about 15 acts performing on March 24 @ 6:30.

Karen talked about Daddy/Daughter paint night that will be held on April 21. The night will be run differently than last year with Ms. Harnish providing a tutorial and walking around to answer any questions. It will be capped as space is limited.

Bethany shared that we are bringing back rollerskating night on April 27 from 5:30-8pm. *This is not a drop off event!* Admission will be covered by PTO but skate rental is $4. We will also be collecting toiletries for The Loft.

Karen mentioned field trips. We are looking at ideas for an all school field trip but it might not take place until the Fall.

Open Floor:

There were some questions about yearbooks. All 6th graders will be receiving a free yearbook from the PTO.

Next meeting April 11th

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

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Meeting Minutes

Feb. 9th, 2023

6:30 pm – LeTort Library

Welcome and Introductions:  In attendance was Melissa Hochreiter, President; Gabriela Haigu, assistant treasurer; Karen Giffin, assistant officer; Carly McPherson, principal; and two other attendees

Principal’s Report – Dr. McPherson

Treasurer’s Report – Tara Beakes  Report given by Assistant Treasurer Gabriela Haigu

PTO District Meeting Recap – Melissa Hochreiter

Previous Events Recap

Take Out Tuesday – Arooga’s - Karen Giffin

Upcoming Events / Housekeeping

Bus Driver Appreciation Week – Melissa Hochreiter

Sons & Special Ladies Night – Gabriela Haigu/Lindsay Gring

Take Out Tues. March – Karen Giffin

Roller Skating - Nissley

Spring Fund Raisers – Jess Martin

Talent Show – Melissa Hochreiter/Carla Yoccum

Field Trips/All School Field Trip – Melissa Hochreiter

Next Meeting:   Thursday, March 9th .  May be virtual, TBA

LeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

                                               January 24, 2023 at 6:30 pm in Library

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Mrs. Baker, and 6 other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm with introductions.

Principal’s Report:

Dr. McPherson reported that grant money from PMEF was used to purchase a sensory path and an exhibit for use in the area near the car rider hall.  The items used are colorful and follow a path of activities for the students to complete to help them stay focused when in the hallway and refocus before going back to the classroom.  Grant money was also given for an in-school field trip by the VanGo Museum Art Bus that will be coming at the end of March. Each class will get to participate by entering the van to see art exhibits, much like as if they were going to an art museum in person.

Dr. McPherson also talked about the 2 scholarships that the LeTort PTO provides to 2 graduating Penn Manor seniors based on community service and academics. ($500 each).  The discussion involved qualifications for being considered for the scholarships.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara shared that there is currently $16,066.53 in the account.

Previous/Upcoming Events:

Karen reported that Take Out Tuesday at Noodles & Co brought in $90.19 and Copper Hill brought in $300 which also included a donation from the venue.

Tara talked about the holiday gift shop at 5 Below. It was a huge success with little provisions required from the PTO. We are looking into doing it again this year. A special thank you to all the 6th grade helpers! It brought in $359.62.

Jess shared about the Scrip Card Program. The PTO made a few hundred dollars off of the sale of gift cards before Christmas. There was discussion about whether to continue this program in the future. 

Jess reported on the Giving Tree. There was discussion about whether or not to continue doing it. Most of the teachers just ask for gift cards. 

Melissa shared about the LeTort Holiday Extravaganza. Each of the kids were given hot chocolate and a candy cane. There were also Christmas carols for each class. The kids seemed to enjoy it. 

There was discussion about possibly changing the bookfair to a week other than conference week.


Karen talked about Game Night. It was decided that because there were not enough families signed up that it would be canceled and will look to reschedule if timing allows. 

Melissa discussed Sons and Special Ladies night. We are looking at changing it up due to a concern raised about too many participants not participating in the dance.  A professor from MU will be leading the event with structured programs

Karen shared that Take out Tuesday February will be held at Arooga’s.

Melissa said that Bus Driver Appreciation week will be in February. There will be a special treat given to the drivers from PTO.

Melissa talked about the Talent Show which will be held on March 24th. “Show Us Your Act” dates will be Mar. 13th and 14th. and dress rehearsals will be Mar. 23rd.

Mrs. Baker discussed a new upcoming event called LeTort Loves Literacy. It will be held for a month starting in February.There will be an assembly for the big reveal. There was a motion made by Melissa to add money in the budget for future years and a second by Karen. This year, a large portion is covered by a PMEF grant.  The remaining balance required will be covered by PTO.  It was also discussed that future budgeted amounts for this event will depend on the response to this first event and that budgeted amounts will likely change every year for this event and based on what is needed.

Melissa talked about the yearbook. Flyers will be coming out soon. 

We are looking at some ideas for a Spring fundraiser. Some ideas were sub sale, Hess’s BBQ, etc.

Open Floor:

Next meeting will be February 9.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

LeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2022 at 6:30 pm (virtual)

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Gabriela Hagiu, Asst. Treasurer, Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal, Mrs. Geiter, Kindergarten teacher, and 8 other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

Dr. McPherson reported that report cards will be posted on Friday and the hope is parents will review them and have them to discuss at conferences next week.  Conferences take place next week on Monday until 8pm and Tuesday until 3:45 pm.  

The first all school assembly will be on December 9. It is a science theme called Dome Earth Theater. Each class will get a 30 minute session. 

There will be a holiday concert in December featuring band, orchestra, and chorus on December 21. Parents of those students will be invited to attend and it will be recorded for viewing elsewhere as well.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara shared that there is currently $18,016.59 in the account.

Previous/Upcoming Events:

Karen shared that a check will be coming from Isaac’s in a few weeks. It was unknown how well attended the Take Out Night was.

Dr. McPherson delivered a meal from El Serrano to the winner who raised the most money during Laps that was covered by PTO.

Melissa noted that the bounce day provided by PTO was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all the students. It was a great weather day!

The book fair papers came out this week as well as an envelope for each student. The books have arrived and the set up is scheduled for Friday. Teachers can preview it on Monday morning and make a wish list. **Volunteers are still needed especially for the younger classes.

Melissa mentioned that Scrip gift card fundraiser will be happening this year. A paper will be coming home with more details. The deadline will be December 7 and delivery will be around the 12th. PTO makes a percentage off each card sold.

The PTO will be providing a meal for teachers on Monday evening during conferences. It will include drinks, coffee, and dessert.

Tara talked about the Holiday Shop that is coming up the week of December 5th-9th. It will be held at 5 Below this year. Our school will get 10% of everything sold during those days with the school flier. The designated LeTort shopping day is December 8. That evening from about 5:30 until 8pm the students can get a helper to shop for the family. There will also be a gift wrapping station set up.

Take Out Tuesday will be held December 8 at Noodle & Co (next to 5 Below) from 4-8pm in conjunction with the Holiday Shop.

The school wide Winter celebration will be held (tentative date) December 22. The teachers will be wearing pajamas and sharing their favorite childhood story. There will also be caroling by the PTO, hot cocoa or chocolate milk, and candy canes.

Open Floor discussion:

Ashlee asked about pictures for Laps for LeTort regarding the class pictures that she took.

Lauren mentioned the yearbook cover contest that usually takes place over the holidays for 6th grade students.  She also inquired about coordinating the LifeTouch pictures with our yearbook company.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:23pm.

The next meeting will be in January.

Minutes submitted by Jess Martin

LeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2022

In attendance was Melissa Hochreiter (President), Tara Beakes (Treasurer), Mrs. Winters (2nd grade teacher),

Mrs. Baker (academic support teacher), and four other attendees.  Melissa opened the meeting at 6:35pm with 


Staff Report-

*Given by Mrs. Winters on behalf of Dr. McPherson

 Parent teacher conferences are being held on Monday, November 21 st from 1:45-8:00pm and Tuesday,

November 22 nd from 1:45-3:45pm. There may be additional times for conferences provided by

individual teachers. The link to sign up will be sent out tomorrow, October 21 st . Please make sure to

sign up! Melissa confirmed that the PTO will provide dinner for the teachers during the evening

conferences on Monday.  Many thanks for Laps for LeTort. The teachers noted how smoothly the day seemed

 to go and the kids had a lot of fun!

Treasurer Report-

Tara reported that there is currently $15,997.43 in the account. Laps for LeTort raised $12,973.05 to date but

there are still donations coming in. It was discussed that we now have a bit of a “cushion” to work with after

the depletion of funds during Covid.

Previous Events Recap-

 Melissa discussed the county wide PTO movie night that was held at Clipper Magazine Stadium. LeTort

sold 100 tickets that were provided and made $300 from those sales. A question was asked if we had

to turn anyone away after selling all 100 tickets, but it was said that we were able to get more tickets if

needed. There was food available at the stadium and all the attendees enjoyed their evening!

 Melissa shared information on the last take out night on behalf of Karen. It was held at El Toro

Barbacoa, and we were able to raise $149. The owner communicated that all the orders were filled.

 Melissa was happy to report that Laps for LeTort was a huge success and we were able to raise $12,973

to date! The students are receiving incentives for raising money. Mrs. Binkley’s class raised the most

money, so they enjoyed a water balloon battle. There will be a “LeTort story hour” where teachers will

dress in their PJ’s and share their favorite childhood story, Dr. McPherson will dress up as the LeTort

Lion at a later date, and the school is having a bounce party. The date for the bounce party is

Thursday, November 3 rd with a rain date of November 7 th or November 8 th . There was a lot of positive

feedback from both parents and teachers about the event. It was noted that the kick off assembly that

was held generated a lot of buzz within the students. Melissa also shared that there were several

people who had trouble making donations in the days leading up to Laps. After speaking with the

company, it was discovered that multiple organizations on the Fundly site were hacked. None of the

credit cards used from LeTort were compromised and the company that is in charge of Fundly, called

Stripe, shut down the website until new security measures could be put in place. That was the reason

donations were not able to be made. The PTO will look into other options for collecting funds next

year in hopes to avoid this from happening again.

Upcoming Events-

 Melissa gave information on the next take out Tuesday on behalf of Karen. It will be held on

November 1 st at Isaac’s on Centerville Road. We will receive 15% of all sales (including dine in, take

out, catering, and gift cards) from anyone who brings in the flyer anytime on the 1 st .

 Mrs. Baker and Melany Musser discussed the upcoming scholastic book fair. Once they receive the

material from scholastic, flyers will be sent out with information about the event. The students will

visit the book fair during the school day with their classes at designated times. The fair will also be

available for parents to visit during conferences. The teachers will have wish lists available for families

who would like to gift books to teachers. It was mentioned that there is an option to set up an eWallet

for each teacher with a QR code that would be available at the fair. eWallet will also be available for

students to use or they may bring their own money. Mrs. Baker said that they are working on having a

child wish list paper available for those students who want to write down books that they see and may

enjoy as a gift. It was also confirmed that the PTO will be purchasing a book for each student again this

year. Students will choose their book in class, and they will be distributed once the order is filled.

Volunteers will be needed during the book fair, especially to help the younger students, and a sign up

genius link will be sent out closer to the date.

Tara shared some information about the new holiday shop event. The PTO will host a shopping night

on Thursday, December 8 th at 5 Below on Fruitville Pike. Specific times will be shared at the next

meeting once more information is gathered. LeTort will be able to receive 10% of any purchase (if a

flyer is presented at time of purchase) during the whole week of December 5 th -9 th . Tara is looking into

recruiting 6 th graders, or maybe PMHS students, to help younger students make purchases and there

will be a table set up for wrapping gifts. There was discussion about possibly changing the take out

Tuesday in December to take out Thursday to coincide with the shopping night. More information to


 Melissa discussed the possibility of having a holiday event for the 2022 school year. Nothing has been

decided on yet. Any suggestions are welcome!

The next PTO monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 15 th .

The meeting was adjourned by Melissa at 7:20pm.

Notes taken and submitted by Ashlee MartzallLeTort PTO Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2022 at 6:30pm

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Gabriela Hagiu Asst.

Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffen, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal,

Mrs. Joyce Wright, 3 rd Grade Teacher; and 11 other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30 with introductions.

Principal’s Report:

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara noted that there is currently right around $5000 in the account which is on the low side. 

Previous Events Recap:

Upcoming Events:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.