2015-2016 PTO Officers:

  • Lisa Eme and Janine Hollinger, Co-Presidents
  • Caryn Warfel and Jerissa Warfel, Co-Vice Presidents
  • Jude Hoar, Treasurer
  • Dana Cook and Katie Hess, Co-Assistant Treasurers
  • Barbee Myers and Tara Streets, Co-Secretaries
  • Callie Cooper and Erika Reams, Co-Assistant Secretaries

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The 2015-2016 LeTort school year has begun!  Please join us as we continue to work to make LeTort a great experience for all of our children.

Utilizing feedback and suggestions made by our LeTort families, we have set up events, activities and fundraisers for the school year.  We hope that you will enjoy them!

Simply put, the success of the LeTort PTO depends on the talents, ideas and help provided by parents, guardians and teachers…..working together. We really need you!  There truly is something for everyone to be a part of.  Remember, even if you are unable to come to school during the day, there are many other ways you can help out.  Volunteering for your school is a great way to be involved with your kids, help your community and maybe even establish new friendships.

Please let us know where your interests are and how you would like to be involved.

We look forward to hearing from you and to a great school year!


The LeTort PTO Team

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Contact info:   

  Janine Hollinger:

Lisa Eme:

What’s happening at LeTort?  Take a look at some things going on this year.  Discover where your talents and interests are and get involved!

Passive Fundraisers:  Moo Money, Box Tops, Labels for Education, Giant A+ Rewards, grocery gift cards

“Green” Team: Juice Pouch Brigade, Cans for Computers (Aluminum), School Supplies

Outreach: Holiday food baskets, food collection, hospitality, card making, teacher appreciation, bus driver appreciation

Family Events:  Movie Night, School picnic, Roller Skating at the Castle

Fundraisers: Coupon Books, Book Fair, Holiday Gift Cards, Laps for LeTort,

Other Events:  Holiday Shops, Mother-Son Dance, Senior Recognition, 6th Grade Graduation

Special @ LeTort:  Yearbook, Habitat

10 Reasons to Get Involved
1 Your child benefits.
2 We make a difference.
3 We pledge to honor your time contraints.
4 We have fun!
5 Meet nice people who share your concerns.
6 There’s a lot to be done.
7 We can match jobs to your interests & abilities.
8 We’re welcoming.
9 We’re about parents involvement first, not
10 This work is very rewarding!


Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available in the all-purpose room at “Meet the Teacher Night” on 9/17.

Sign-up sheet categories:

“I’m not available throughout the school day but would like to help out in other ways.” List name, interests and talents. There are many things that can be done outside of school hours. We will contact you for your availability.

“I’ll help with anything.”  Your name will be given to all committees and contacted when needed.

Various Activities, Fundraisers and Events Specific committees will be specified on sign-up sheets.  Please choose the activity, fundraiser and/or event that you would like to be a part of.

Not able to sign up that evening?  No problem.  Contact Janine or Lisa & provide your name, contact info & what you would like to be involved with. or

Go to to view the monthly newsletter “PTO Happenings”, PTO events, activities& fundraisers.

The “Green” Team:

Cans for Computers:  Our students, along with the LeTort community, donate aluminum cans to our school.  Aluminum is taken to the recycling center and money earned supports technology purchases benefiting LeTort students.

Are cans the only aluminum we collect?  No way! The recycler takes crushed or uncrushed cans.  (Crushed cans involve fewer trips to the salvage center.) Other things besides cans can be dropped off, but all non aluminum screws and the like should be removed if possible.  In the past, items such as dismantled screen doors, aluminum siding, aluminum sheds, and even a hot dog cart have been taken to the recycler.  WOW!

What do you do with the aluminum that you have collected?  Aluminum can be dropped off around the back of the school in the wooded fence area marked “Can Corral”. This area is for aluminum only.  Thank you.

Thank you for transporting the aluminum Mr. Rohm!  For several years now, Mr. Rohm has been the “backbone” of this operation and has kindly volunteered to transport our collection to the recycling center. We greatly appreciate all of his efforts and the support of the community!

Juice Pouches:  Over the past 2 years, LeTort has collected juice pouches to earn money for our school.  We earn $.02 cents for every pouch collected.  Easy stuff!