Car Rider/Early Out Forms

There will be a change to our pick up procedures. This year, if you plan to pick your child up at the end of the day or mid-day for an appointment you will need to complete this google form. You can access it from this link:

Or you can access it by using the QR code at the bottom of this post.

End of day pick up line: If you are picking up your child EVERY day, you can complete one note/google form entry and send it to Mrs. Jacoby. If you have a schedule such as every Monday/Tuesday, please send those to Mrs. Jacoby one time. You are able to record this in the special notes. If it is a random schedule, you will need to sign up on those days.

If you have previously emailed Mrs. Jacoby about picking up your child, please do not resubmit. Those students have been accounted for and are on our daily list.

If you are picking your child up mid-day for an appointment or event, you must complete the form.

This will be helpful to minimize paper transfer. Thank you.