Summer Learning Opportunity

Do you know of a student in kindergarten-9th grade who would benefit from a summer learning program? The Lancaster Partnership for Learning Equity is launching a 4 week, FREE, fully remote learning program with live instruction, free materials, and access to computers for those who lack devices. Register today as space is limited…

Check out an article about the program in Lancaster Online!

Registration to be open through the weekend, but space is limited depending on availability, so immediate registration is encouraged.

Summer Garden Camp Opportunity

The Edible Classroom is pleased to invite Penn Manor students to register for one of our two Garden Camps being held at Conestoga Elementary. 
This link will direct families to the camp page, which provides information and on-line registration. Families can also request hard copies of registration forms by calling or texting Beth Horst at (717)201-2517.

Important – Input sought from parents on school reopening for 2020-2021

Penn Manor School District plans to reopen our schools for the 2020-2021 school year, and it’s important that families feel comfortable about sending their children back to school.

Current guidance from the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Health indicates that we will have to implement social distancing, which will impact the number of students on buses, maximum class sizes, and movement throughout our school buildings.

We would like your input as we develop our programs and the district’s health and safety plan, which is required before we can reopen. Please fill out this survey by June 26, 2020. Thank you for your input!

PTO News

The Letort PTO officers and Mrs. McPherson met on June 2, 2020 to close out the 19-20 school year.  The total PTO budget as of this date was $22, 323.61, which included a refund for the 5th grade field trip and a Box Tops check for $518.20.  Expenditures included yearbook costs, 6th grade recognition gifts, and 2-$500 scholarships for two deserving Penn Manor graduates who attended Letort Elementary.  The PTO officers will be meeting in August to determine events (if applicable) and the 20-21 budget.

Additionally, the team discussed the opening of the 20-21 school year.  There are four options currently being discussed.  Please click here for additional information.  Information will be shared by the district on the following dates:  June 30, July 20, and August 3. 

PTO officers for the 2020-2021 are:

President:  Dana Cook;

Vice- President: Melissa Hochreiter;

Secretary: Barbee Myers;

Treasurer: Tara Beakes;

Grading for the 4th Marking Period

As a result of the unusual end to our school year, we have adjusted how we grade for the fourth marking period.  For kindergarten, the students will receive an N/A which represents non-applicable .  First and second grade students will receive what they had earned in the third marking period.  In grades three through six, students will earn a pass or fail grade.  Students may be acknowledged for all the outstanding effort they exhibited in the fourth marking period in the comments. All students in grades 1 and 2 specials will receive a Satisfactory and all students in grades 3-6 specials will receive a Pass; however Outstanding, Good, and acknowledgement in the comments may be given based on completion of remote learning assignments.   

Google Meet Times and Codes for This Morning’s Activity

At your designated time TODAY, simply copy and paste the code in your browser and click join to access the meeting. For example, if you are a current kindergartner, you would join the first grade meeting or if you are a current third grader, you would join the fourth grade meeting.

Please remember the Google Meet etiquette guidelines when participating in the session (listed below). We will have a large number of students on each Google Meet session.

Google Meet Codes
Grade 1 (9:25-9:45 AM) 
Grade 2 (10:15-10:35 AM)
Grade 3 (11:05-11:25 AM)
Grade 4 (10:40-11:00 AM)
Grade 5 (9:50-10:10 AM)
Grade 6 (9:00-9:20 AM)

MU/PMSD Study Buddy Program – Update & Feedback

Dear Penn Manor Families,

Thank you for your participation in our Penn Manor/Millersville University Buddy Program.  Millersville students & Penn Manor families have expressed interest in continuing this program over the summer.  GREAT NEWS!  While there will not be the traditional, school year academics, our Millersville buddies are happy to continue with specific areas of educational need.  For example: multiplication tables, spelling words, reading/writing, even telling time, are skills we can continue to work on throughout the summer.  In lieu of the academic piece during the school year, are there any additional subjects, hobbies, and/or extracurriculars that you would like the Buddies to (remotely) meet about?  For example: maybe a specific sport, type of art, music, video games, etc.

Please complete the form HERE to give us valuable insight as we grow the program in the future and to help us pair buddies who are wishing to continue throughout the summer.

Did you see…this program was featured in the May 20th edition of the Merchandiser/Advertiser!  The article was titled, “MU Supports PM’s Transition to Online Learning.”  Our Millersville students strive to share compassion and contribute to public mission while we all navigate these unchartered times.  We hope that your child was able to benefit from this virtual relationship.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Allison, Lori, and Nazli

Congratulations to the Penn Manor Class of 2020

On behalf of all of the Letort staff, congratulations on your upcoming graduation!  Typically at the end of this school year, you would be walking through the Letort Halls as a Penn Manor graduate.  Unfortunately, this year with COVID 19, this celebration will not be possible.   However, we would still like to recognize you and all of your work. You are an outstanding group of graduates and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Meal Distribution for May 26-29

In observance of Memorial Day, Penn Manor will not be delivering meals on Monday, May 25.  We will be distributing meals on Wednesday, May 27.  This is the final day that meals will be distributed for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Meet your Grade Level Teachers for Next Year on May 29th!

For many years, we have done a transition activity on the last day of school for our students and it is one that has become a tradition at Letort that we want it to continue. Since we are not able to be together for our students to meet the teachers in the next grade level, we have created a time for all students to meet the teachers and get to know the expectations of the grade level for the 2020-2021 school year.

Below is a list of the times for each grade level. I will provide the Google Meet Codes on the morning of May 29th by 8:00 AM. Please look for a blog post with that information. At your designated time ON MAY 29th, simply copy and paste the code in your browser and click join to access the meeting. Please remember the Google Meet etiquette guidelines when participating in the session (listed below). We will have a large number of students on each Google Meet session.

Google Meet Times
Grade 1 (9:25-9:45 AM)
Grade 2 (10:15-10:35 AM)
Grade 3 (11:05-11:25 AM)
Grade 4 (10:40-11:00 AM)
Grade 5 (9:50-10:10 AM)
Grade 6 (9:00-9:20 AM)

We are looking forward to seeing you all!