2018-2019 PTO Meeting Minutes

Letort Elementary PTO Meeting
Tuesday, May 14th 2019
6:30pm to 7:50pm

 Attendance: Carly McPherson, Jess Martin, Melissa Hochreiter, Bethany Landgraff, Megan Peart, Beth Whitworth, Barbee Myer, Jess Mann, Tara Beakes

 PTO Welcome and Introductions, Jerissa Warfel: PTO last meeting of the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • PTO Officers Finalized for 2019/2020: Jerissa shared that nomination sheets did not go out this year as a vote is offered every other year as PTO positions are for two-year terms. The following positions are open for next year: Co-President, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary. The following positions will be filled by:
  • Co-Presidents: Jerissa Warfel & Melissa Hochreiter
  • Vice President: Dana Cook
  • Treasurer: Tara Beakes
  • Assistant Treasurer: Barbee Myer
  • Secretary: Dave Murray
  • Assistant Secretary: Ashlee Martzell
  • A question was raised on how one accesses the PTO by-laws. Mrs. McPherson stated that it would be a good idea to update the by-laws, once they are reviewed. Jerrissa shared that PTO by-laws could be added to the PTO blog. PTO officers are adding to the 2019/20 agenda to update by-laws.
  • There are scheduled Penn Manor PTO Officers meetings throughout the school year with Dr. Leichliter that address school district wide PTO updates, questions, concerns, clearance issues, and school calendar changes that arise.
  • April PTO Meeting Minutes: The April meeting minutes that were submitted are not uploaded onto the LeTort website. It was noted, during the meeting, that minutes have not been uploaded since January, even though meeting minutes were submitted monthly.  Jerissa shared that the meeting minutes from March have yet to be submitted.

Principal’s Welcome, Carly McPherson:

  • Laps 4 LeTort: Mrs. McPherson shared that spectators and clearances were a continued issue this year. She shared that about 275 parents have submitted clearances to volunteer at LeTort.  Only volunteers that signed-up online (sign-up genius) and have their clearances could volunteer for Laps 4 LeTort.  Jerissa shared that the goal of Laps 4 LeTort is to cut-back on volunteers and have PTO members volunteer at Laps 4 LeTort in the future.  Most in attendance were in agreement that the PTO should communicate rules and regulations about clearances, positioning of spectators, and volunteers clearly prior to the event.
  • Bee Assembly: Mrs. McPherson shared that she received rave reviews about this event. She had a 6th grade student present a poster promoting the importance of saving honey bees.
  • Morning Announcements: Mrs. McPherson shared that they will be converting part of the library into a TV Station and have a new computer program for students to share the morning announcements. She showed those in attendance the morning clip that will be aired tomorrow for morning announcements. All were impressed with the program quality and feel that students will enjoy seeing their peers on the morning announcements vs just hearing them over the intercom. She shared that she had 5th graders apply through Google Classroom for the TV station announcement positions and she was able to choose 15 students to start out the 2019/2020 school year trialing it, and then plans to open up to the rest of that 6th grade class.

Treasurer’s Report, Tara Beakes

  • See attached treasurer’s report. Tara shared that in most categories we are within budget or under budget.

PTO Past Event Review:

  • PSSA Breakfast 4/15, Lunch 4/24, Desserts 4/30, Jerissa shared that all went well and were appreciated by teachers.
  • Administrative Professional Celebration 4/26/19, Dana Cook provided a gift for Mrs. Jacoby
  • Bus Driver Appreciation Day 5/2, Jerissa Warfel provided gifts for the bus drivers.
  • Lunch Lady Hero Day 5/3, Jerissa Warfel shared that this event was slightly over-budget due to an extra person. All were appreciative and were thrilled with their gifts.
  • PSSA Ice Cream Party 5/9: Jerissa shared that the PTO sponsored ice cream this year for ALL grades that took the PSSA, not just 4th Mrs. McPherson shared that she usually covers the cost of special events that the remaining teachers use to celebrate their student’s work ethic prior to and during the PSSAs. The Penny’s ice cream truck arrived on 4/9 and was able to provide ice cream, in the time allowed, for every classroom but did not have enough time for 4E.  The vendor was able to return the next day, immediately after Laps 4 LeTort, to serve ice cream to 4E.  All were thrilled with the Penny’s ice cream option this year. Children had enjoyed waiting in line and getting to choose an ice cream flavor of their choice. One parent in attendance brought up the concern that throughout the year teachers encourage students to “use their testing strategies” and are able earn ice cream toppings.  There were only two toppings to choose from and some classes did not receive toppings (that they had worked towards collecting). The 3rd grade class did not get to finish their earned ice cream and had to throw their remaining ice cream away due to the time restraint. Jerissa shared that this vendor was aware of the amount of children to be served and the allotted time.  This vendor had two servers (in a tight truck space).  Suggestions were made on whether or not to continue with the  vendor, have an ice cream sundae party as previous years, or other options.
  • Teacher Luncheon 5/7, Jerrissa Warfel shared that was over-budget due to covering the cost and not relying on donations as previous years.
  • Laps 4 LeTort 5/10:
  • See previous comments (in Principal’s Welcome) on spectators, volunteers, and clearances.
  • Comet Man attended the event, which was a special feature this year that all in attendance enjoyed. Unfortunately, some students were dumping their water bottles on him (and it was raining), so unfortunately Comet Man left early.  Discussion regarding close supervision of Comet Man next year if he agrees to return to Laps 4 LeTort.
  • We ran out of water bottles (had 480 water bottles) and volunteers had to ration water bottles for the older classes.
  • Children enjoyed the popsicles.
  • There are extra t-shirts allotted for new students who attend LeTort next year.
  • Laps 4 LeTort has raised about $5700 so far. Last year Laps raised $7200. Donations can be made online until June 5th, 2019. Cash and checks are still coming in.  Jerissa shared that 51% of families participated in Laps 4 LeTort vs 48% last year.
  • Discussion was made regarding considering the option of taking a break from Laps 4 LeTort next year.
  • Discussion took place regarding eliminating spectators if Laps does occur next year.

Suggestions made during the meeting for Laps 4 LeTort next year:

  • Roping off the grass near the road to keep children safe
  • Children bring water bottles from home and use designated classroom tables (as cups and water bottles can create a mess and waste).
  • Since primary and intermediate grades have been separated during Laps 4 LeTort, they do not get to cheer each other on. A suggestion was made to have all grades run the laps together or at least overlap primary and intermediate grades longer as to be able to cheer their siblings and other student on.
  • Discuss the future vision of Laps 4 LeTort earlier in the school year for 2019-2020
  • Designated T-shirt for permitted volunteers
  • PTO post cards were a popular cost-effective option, but should be sent out sooner so that parents have time to fill them out as many families travel over Easter break.
  • Students in the intermediate grades did not seem as excited to participate this year whether it be due to the rain or limited engagement. All felt the importance of engaging intermediate grades and plan to brainstorm ideas for next year.

 PTO Upcoming Events

  • School Picnic 5/22 (RD 5/29), Barbee Myer shared that things are going to be different this year as families will not be asked to bring in side dishes and desserts. This is to promote attendance and to encourage a relaxing evening for families. PTO  is covering hot dogs and drinks.  Designated volunteers, within the school picnic committee, are providing desserts.  A local caterer, Nanalyn’s Full-Filling Feasts LLC, is providing all side dishes.  Herr’s chips donated individually bagged chips. Addendum update from Barbee Myer after meeting: Businesses who donated include: Turkey Hill (fully donates drink and ice cream), John Herrs (fully donates rolls), Kunzler (provides a discount) and Herr Foods (provides a donation and discount).  The PTO picks up the cost of what isn’t donated. There will be inflatables and a photo booth instead of face painting.
  • Splash Party 6/4, Melissa Hochreiter shared that this will be open free of charge to all LeTort families and will held at the Millersville Pool on 6/4 from 5:30-7:30pm. There will not be a rain date.  Families who attend can feel free to pack a dinner or purchase food from the Scoops truck vendor (food & ice cream)
  • Teacher Breakfast 6/6, Jerissa Warfel to coordinate

Open Floor for Discussion

  • Bethany Landgraff asked that the PTO consider celebrating the school nurses anytime during national nurses week for next year, as they play an important role on a daily basis for the care of LeTort students. Addendum update after meeting: NationaL School Nurse Day is May 8th. National Nurses week is celebrated around the second week of May (6th-12th). Bethany asked if there were other job descriptions within the school that could be acknowledged from the PTO.
  • LeTort PTO sponsored Yearbook: Jerissa shared that certain PTO members are collecting photos. Jerissa may be able to access photos from teacher’s blogs. She shared that Matt Streets is requesting that photos be submitted to him on Thursday, May 16th.  She is waiting to hear how the pictures are to be submitted.  She states that he would prefer online photo submissions through google, but we are waiting for a link.  PTO yearbook orders cost $12 and payments are due tomorrow 5/15/19.  Streets plans to work on the yearbook over Memorial Day weekend.
  • Jerissa shared two events that are hosted by Mrs. Yoder: the Vocab parade will be held on Monday, May20th and the Book Swap. Books for the Book Swap can be brought in between May 20th-24th. The Book Swap will take place the following week.
  • Peart and Mrs. McPherson shared that they are very appreciative of the LeTort PTO and for how they support LeTort elementary.

*Meeting minutes taken and submitted on 5/14/19 by Bethany Landgraff, PTO Assistant Secretary

LeTort Elementary PTO Meeting
Tuesday, April 9th 2019

PTO Welcome and Introductions– Jerissa Warfel

-Team Building Moment: Jerissa opened discussion on PTO officer positions for the 2019/2020 school year.  Jerissa explained that the volunteer PTO officers are asked to hold their present position for at least two years.  Jerissa shared that she plans to remain as LeTort’s PTO president for next year and is hoping for a Co-President.  Dana shared that she would stay on as a Co-Vice President.  Jerissa shared that voting for PTO offices will occur soon.

-Approve March 2019 PTO Minutes: Jerissa shared that the March meeting minutes will be prepared by Erika Ream.

Principal’s Welcome- Carly McPherson

-All-School Field Trip- Carly shared that 312 students went to Millersville University and saw a production and experienced a simulated thunderstorm.  The field trip was a success and preparations were thorough so the event went as planned. Carly thanked the PTO for sponsoring this all-school special field trip.

-PSSA scheduling- Carly shared the details of the PSSA testing schedules for grades 3rd-6th.

Treasurer’s Report– Tara Beakes

-PTO 2018/2019 YTD Financial Reports- Tara shared that the Mother/Son Dance and the Dad/Daughter Date Night were over budget.  She shared that the Talent Show was under budget.  See attached financial report.

PTO Past Event Review– Jerissa Warfel

-Talent Show on 3/15/19- Melissa Hochreiter shared that the talent show coordination was a lot of work to plan and execute, but that it was a huge success, enjoyed by all.  Melissa thanked Carly for supporting the talent show, especially as it entailed a commitment of multiple evenings.

-Teacher Luncheon on 3/18/19- Dana Cook shared that the theme of this luncheon was a baby shower for Mrs. Moyer called “Burritos & Bow Ties”.

-Dad & Daughter Date Night 4/5/19- Dana Cook shared that this event was a success in which 200 people attended (85 families).  The hired DJ was a huge success.  He keep attendees entertained and engaged. Someone mentioned that there was not enough food, but Dana and Jerissa explained that first servings were limited, but that attendees could go back for seconds.  Someone stated that the wait times for entering the event and then waiting for food were lengthy. Jerissa explained that the DJ wanted to announce each Father/Daughter couple.  Someone suggested that there be two lines for food next year. Dana shared that there was one hour allotted for dancing.

May/June PTO Events:

-PSSA Breakfast 4/15 (Baker’s Table), Lunch 4/24 (Pizza Party), Desserts 4/30 (Mom’s in Prayer)

-Administrative Professional Celebration 4/26/19- Dana Cook to coordinate

-Bus Driver Appreciation Day 5/2/19- Jerissa Warfel to coordinate

-PSSA Ice Cream Party- rescheduled to 5/9/19 for grades 3rd-6th. This year, all grades who take PSSAs will experience the ice cream party.

-Teacher Luncheon 5/7/19- Jerissa Warfel to coordinate

-Laps 4 LeTort 5/10/19- Jerissa Warfel is coordinating. On 5/10/19, there is an early dismissal as well as the Penn Manor prom.

-Next PTO meeting is on 5/15/19

-School Picnic 5/22/19 (rain date 5/29/19) – Barbee Myer discussed the budget and that they would have a caterer instead of asking families to bring a side or dessert.  The obtained a discount for hot dogs.

-Splash Party 6/4/19- Dana Cook, Jerissa Warfel, & Melissa Hochreiter.  The Millersville Pool is reserved from 6-9pm or 5-8pm, coordinators will confirm with Erika Ream.  Discussion regarding having food available for attendees as the pool snack bar will not be open.  Discussion regarding a food truck or pizza and charging a small fee per slice.  A possible ice cream buffet also discussed. Most agreed that a DJ was not necessary for this event, as swimming would be the focus.

-Teacher Breakfast 6/6/19- Jerissa Warfel to coordinate

Laps 4 LeTort 5/10/19 from 9:15am-11:15pm– Jerissa shared that family letters will be back-packed home on 4/17/19 in time for Easter Break.  There will be a secret theme surprise for the kids.  Every student receives a t-shirt. There will be a DJ (same DJ from the Dad/Daughter event) and a photo booth.  There will not be a prize cart. Family units who send out 10 letters will qualify for a designated prize (the same prize for all students who complete letters). This event will be at the front of the school.  Discussion occurred regarding stating clear guidelines for who is allowed to work with the children and walk on the “track”.  Only designated volunteers who have clearances are to be permitted on the track. A suggestion made was that approved track volunteers could be given t-shirt or nametag to identify them. Further discussion was made brainstorming how to designate a “spectator area” for families.  Dave Murray will supply 9oz water bottles for all 315 students.  Dave feels that 8 cases will be an ideal amount. Used water bottles will be collected for recycling.

Open Floor For Discussion

-A suggestion made was that since the PTO has a plentiful budget, some money should go to replenishing sanitizing wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer for each classroom.

-A question was raised regarding PTO funding of field trips, asking why 3rd graders had to pay a portion of their field trip this year.  Carly explained that due to the small class size, the entrance fees for the two experiences, and the cost of transportation, we graciously asked parents to fund a small portion of the total cost per child.

-Bethany Landgraff shared that LeTort students raised 11,296 box tops, equaling $1,129.60 for LeTort.  There are some additional box tops, submitted after the contest, that have yet to be counted in the total. She mentioned that some common products have discontinued box tops, who consistently carried them. Bethany has coordinated a volunteer “bundling group” on 4/12/19 to prepare box tops for submission. Bethany hopes to submit the completed box top collections by mail on 4/18/19.  Bethany shared that the box tops program announced that it would be transitioning to digital submission in June of 2019.  It will entail a smart phone application.  One would then scan your store receipt, find participating products, and instantly add box tops to LeTort’s earnings online. Brief discussion on how LeTort will collect and submit box tops in the future.  Carly confirmed that box top money is sent to LeTort directly, but that she then gives the check to the LeTort PTO.

April meeting minutes taken and submitted by Bethany Landgraff 4/14/19

Letort Elementary PTO Meeting
Tuesday March 12, 2019

Meeting began promptly at 6:30 pm.

  1. PTO Welcome
    1. There will be a Google drive for any yearbook photos to be uploaded too.
      • Looking at different processors for publication of the yearbook.
    2. January PTO minutes were motioned for approval first by Tara Beakes and second motion to approve by Dana Cook. PTO January PTO minutes were approved.
  2. Principal’s Welcome- Mrs. McPhearson was not able to attend the meeting so Mrs. Yoder spoke on her behalf.
    1. Letort was nominated for a Blue Ribbon Award by the Department of Education
    2. 1/13 schools receive the awards
    3. There is a lengthy application that must be filled out and questions answered by the school faculty.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    1. Report was copied to the back of the agenda.
    2. It was noted that there was some profit made from the Mother/Son Dance.
  1. PTO Past Event Review
    1. Teacher Breakfast and Desserts were noted to have gone well by Jerissa.
    2. Mother-Son Dance was noted to have gone very well with great attendance.
    3. Roller skating night had 80 skates sold to give an idea of how many children were in attendance.
  2. March/April PTO Events
    1. Talent Show had 50 students try out.
    2. Teacher luncheon will be a baby shower for Mrs. Moyer with the theme of burritos and bow ties.
    3. 6th Grade Baby Sitting Night will have students chosen by Mrs. McPhearson, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Mitchell. There will be a 50 child max for those who can attend. There will be a theme of Game Night.
    4. The all school field trip had a location change from The Ware Center to the Winter Center in Millersville.
    5. Dad/Daughter Date Night is thought to be modeled after the Chick-fil-a night.
    6. PTO Meeting 4/9/19
    7. Teacher PSSA Breakfast
    8. Teacher PSSA luncheon will be pizza.
    9. PTO Administrative Professional Day will be all about Mrs. Jacoby!
    10. PTO PSSA Desserts will be on 4/30/19.
  3. Special Item Acknowledgement
    1. There will be freeze pops for beach day on 3/1/19.
    2. Box Tops collected 3,000 the first week
      • 1st and KDG came in first place for week 1.
      • There was discussion regarding changing the month that box tops are collected in. Bethany suggested collecting them earlier in the year so that there are not so many expired box tops being missed out on since most expire in March and November.
  • Open Floor Discussion
    • Yoder is requesting chapter books. It was agreed that these could be ordered with scholastic dollars earned from the book fair.
    • Yoder brought up the summer reading splash party at the Millersville pool and if PTO could provide ice pops for this event. There was also discussion about having Scoops Food Truck there for dinner options and ice cream for the families and teachers.
    • Vocab parade
      1. 5th and 6th grade will have leadership roles this year and help with different stations
      2. There was a request to provide prizes for the children who dress up for their vocab word. Examples were Barnes & Noble Gift Card and ABC cereal.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm

Meeting minutes submitted by Erika Ream PTO Secretary.

January LeTort Elementary PTO Meeting
Tuesday, January 22nd 2019

PTO Welcome and Introductions:

  1. Meeting began at 6:30 pm. Those in attendance signed in on the sign in sheet.
  2. Mrs. Warfel thanked everyone for their hard work and volunteering for the all of the events that rounded out 2018.
  3. There was a motion to approve the November PTO Minutes. Mrs. Beakes motioned 1st approval and Mrs. Cook motioned second approval.
  4. At the superintendent/PTO officer meeting there was discussion regarding the upcoming high school building project.
    1. 3-4 year project that has already begun but will be in full swing by the spring.
    2. There are about 300 construction workers that will be onsite daily. They all have their clearances and are able to be working on the premises when school is in session.
  • Notable changes that could be approved for the 2020-2021 school year
    1. School would begin after the Labor Day holiday and would end in May.

Principal’s Welcome

  1. Mrs. McPherson was unable to attend the meeting but asked Mrs. Warfel to give her report.
  2. The district will no longer be using the Remind App as there is now going to be a fee per line for the app. The district is working on an alternative for this.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. The following is events that brought in funds towards the end of 2018
    1. Movie Night $103
    2. Script Card Program $316
  • Holiday Shop $294
  1. Arooga’s $190
  2. Box Tops (from last school year) $1200
  1. PTO Past Event Review
    1. Family Movie Night
      1. This was the Helm’s last year taking the lead on the event.
      2. Holiday theme as a hit and a nice opener to the holiday season.
  • Great feedback regarding the movie choice and the engagement of the children that attended.
  1. The teachers enjoyed lasagna and salad for their holiday luncheon.
  2. Holiday Craft/Vendor Fair and Kids Only Shoppe was a great success. Returning vendors did just as well if not better in sales than the previous year. There was very little left in terms of items from the kid’s shoppe.
  3. Holiday Classroom Caroling was successful. Those who sang enjoyed their time and the children enjoyed listening to the holiday carols. There was a suggestion that for next year there may not be as much time needed in order to make it to all of the classrooms.

January/February PTO Events

  1. Mrs. Warfel stated that the teacher breakfast went well and the teachers were able to enjoy a variety of breakfast items.
  2. PTO ice skating event is looking to be rescheduled for a Sunday in February or March.
    1. Cones are available for children who need help in learning to skate.
  3. Mother-Son Dance
    1. Tentative theme is Red Carpet Night planned for 2/8/19.
    2. The evening will tentatively include popcorn, a movie themed basket give away and a keepsake craft.
  • Invites are planned to be backpacked the week of 1/28/19.
  1. Additional ideas or volunteers for helping with the evening should contact Ashlee Martzall.
  1. 6th Grade babysitting/Parents Night Out
    1. This evening is planned for 2/21/19.
    2. There will need to be permission slips for the 6th grade volunteers to have a parent sign off on.
  • This event will be about a two-hour time frame.
  1. There will be adults/ PTO officers present to supervise.
  2. There will need to be restrictions on the age of the children who are allowed to attend. For example, they will need to be potty trained.
  3. There was also discussion on having high school students volunteer to help with the event.

Meeting adjourned at 7:08 pm.

Meeting minutes taken and submitted by Erika Ream

November LeTort Elementary PTO Meeting
Thursday, November 29th 2018

PTO Welcome and Introductions

1. Meeting began at 6:35 pm  See attendance sheet for those who signed-in.

2. Team building moment: All in attendance drew a name of an employee.  Those in attendance will write a “Thank You” note to the individual name that was drawn, thanking staff (non-primary teachers) for their service.

3. There was a motion to approve the October PTO meeting minutes
Mrs. Hochreiter motioned the 1st approval and Mr. Murray motioned the 2nd approval

Principal’s Welcome

1. Mrs. McPherson shared that the St. Jude’s fundraiser was successful as a school-wide fundraising event. She shared that LeTort students raised $1,448 and that one of our own LeTort students will be able to deliver the money to St. Jude’s in person.

2. Classroom Scholastic Book orders support the classroom by building a teacher’s library. When books are purchased by families through Scholastic, teachers (by each teacher’s code) are able to earn money to purchase books for the next school year.  These books provide Non-Fiction text that supplements and promotes a child’s reading skills and interest in reading.

3. The Holiday Concert will be a different program this year.  The school concert will be held only for LeTort students the afternoon of 12/10/18.  Students that will be performing in this concert are the chorus, band, and orchestra, as well as the 2nd grade classes.  In addition, the same concert will be held for LeTort families and friends from 6-7 pm that same evening.

Treasurer’s Report

  • PTO 2018/2019 YTD Financial Reports
  1. Tara explained and presented a copy of the PTO 2018/2019 YTD Financial Re
  2. Tara reported that the LeTort Fall Fest came in under budget and that money was made with the sub sale

PTO Past Event Review

  • Roller Skating Night was 10/18/18
  1. Mrs. Myer shared that about 150 people attended. A total of 107 people rented skates and the rest brought their own.  All can look forward to the next roller skating event which will take place in the Spring of 2019.
  • Fall Fest 10/20/18
  1. Mrs. Hochreiter shared that the fall fest was an event that had a large turnout and all that came appeared to have a great time. There were activities for all ages.  The raffle prize table was the most popular, in which the most popular prize was the pizza lunch with Mrs. McPherson was won by a group of 1st grade boys.
  • Book Fair 11/6-9/18
  1. Mrs. Warfel shared a special thank you to all who were involved to pull-off this event. She shared that an increase in gross revenues could cover the cost of all the $7 books for student. She shared that this is the first year that the book fair made a profit at $345. Some in attendance shared that the $2 increase per book helped with book choice variety. The book fair also earned a $2200 Scholastic credit for LeTort to purchase items for classrooms.
  2. The Lollipop Poole was a success. It was mentioned that Kindergarten and 1st Graders had difficulty with knowing how much they could afford with their $7 credit. Someone mentioned that books should be possibly marked with a sticker for $7 and under, so younger children will be able to know what they can afford.
  3. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Johnson mentioned that the Book Fair Commercials were a hit when shown, as it encouraged interest of students for the Book Fair.
  4. The “Wish List” for Teachers to “make teachers wishes come true” was available to access at the Book Fair.   A suggestion was made that a reminder be placed on the LeTort PTO blog, so that parents are reminded.
  • Conference Grab-N-Go 11/8/18
  1. Teachers had shared that they enjoyed these meals, as they could access their meal at a time that best suited them during parent-teacher conference Mr. Murray described what food items were included in the meals. The teachers appreciated the variety of meal choices. A special thank you to Mr. Murray was verbalized by all.
  • Library Appreciation Day 11/9/18
  1. Mrs. Warfel shared that the Librarians (Mrs. Paules and Mrs. Ulmer) were given appreciation cards which included a gift card to Tropical Smoothie.
  2. Librarian Appreciation Day was celebrated early this school year. PTO members thought that celebrating the librarians during the book fair would be the ideal time to acknowledge their dedication to LeTort students.
  • Dine-Out Night at Arooga’s 11/19/18
  1. Mrs. Hochreiter shared that about twenty families were able to attend. Arooga’s has a slower turn-over for tables compared to Friendly’s, so it was challenging to get all the families that showed up between the 5:30-8:00 pm time.  Mrs. Hochreiter also shared that the coupon was good for the whole day, but all that received the voucher may have not been aware of this.  All Arooga’s transaction receipts are sent to their main office in Harrisburg and she estimates that LeTort made about $190.
  2. Hochreiter shared that Parent’s Dine-out Night will be hosted at Burt’s Bottle Shop in March 2019. Some discussion on having the PTO and some 6th graders provide childcare for the children of parents that attend.

November/December PTO Events

  • Family Movie Night 11/30/18
    Mr. Helm shared that the movie ‘Arthur Christmas’ will be shown. This movie is an ideal fit (theme, rating, length) for the age population.  LeTort PTO will plan to serve popcorn and water bottles.  There will also be a gingerbread cookie and an ornament decorating station at intermission. Christmas trees will be set-up for lighting when the movie is playing. Upon entering the all-purpose room a ticket will be handed out to each child and an additional ticket will be given for any child who wears a holiday themed shirt or sweater. For the ticket raffle, one child will win a copy of Arthur Christmas.
  • Teacher Holiday Luncheon 12/10/18
    Mrs. Warfel will host and cover this event, details to be determined. This event will occur on the same as day the holiday concert.
  • Holiday Craft/Vendor Fair & Kids Only Shoppe 12/13/18
  1. Mrs. Warfel and Mrs. Hochreiter shared that this event will be from 5-8 pm. Flyers advertising the Craft & Vendor fair (a venues for small businesses) will be sent home with students on 11/30/18.
  2. Each vendor will pay $15 to host a table in the LeTort All Purpose Room. Setup will begin at 3:30 pm on 12/13/18.
  3. Mrs. Hoar is coordinating the Kid’s Shoppe. Mrs. Hoar is working on a Sign-up Genius to request for volunteers for this event, which will sent out shortly. Mrs. Hochreiter asked all in attendance to consider volunteering, as she would then forward onto Mrs. Hoar. Some discussion regarding whether or not parents are permitted in the Kids Only Shoppe. The Kid’s Shoppe will not take place during school hours this year.
  • PTO Holiday Classroom Caroling 12/20/18

Mrs. Warfel shared that caroling will take place on this date. The time of caroling is to be determined. She      shared that anyone who has their clearances can join the PTO in caroling through the halls of LeTort.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting ended at 7:12 pm

Meeting Minutes taken and submitted by Bethany Landgraff

October LeTort Elementary PTO Meeting
Thursday, October 11, 2018

PTO Welcome and Introductions

  1. Meeting began at 6:35 pm with those in attendance stating their name and something unique about themselves that the rest of the group may not know.
  2. There was a motion to approve the September PTO meeting minutes
    1. Dana Cook motioned 1st approval
    2. Tara Beakes seconded the motion for approval

Principal’s Welcome

  1. McPherson shared that the school is looking for monthly nominations for student(s) of the month.
  2. There are two upcoming assemblies planned for the LeTort students
    1. 10/26/18 Magic is Real-Jo Romano
    2. Date in May TBD Dancing with the Honeybees- Clifford Wright-Sunflower
  3. McPherson shared a 4 minute clip of the play for the all school field trip “ You and Me and the Space Between”
    1. The all school field trip is for students and staff only, there is no need for parent volunteers to chaperone.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. There was $50 budgeted for National Custodian Day, only $38 was spent.
  2. There was $350 budgeted for the Roller Skating Party, only $ 300 was spent.
  3. Cans for Kids brought in $20 in September.
  4. There was a question regarding any checks that may not have been cashed yet for Laps 4 Letort; it was explained that there are no outstanding checks.
    1. There was an issue with the GoFundMe account where funds were returned to some donors. This issue has since been reviewed and resolved.

PTO Past Events Review

  1. Apparel Sale
    1. Apparel is in and will be distributed.
    2. There was a $383 profit from the sale.
  • There will be an additional apparel sale in the spring.
  1. National Custodian Day 10/02
    1. Both custodians extended their sincere thanks for all of the cards they received from the students as well as the $ 15 each Subway gift card they were given from PTO.
  2. Bus Driver Appreciation Week 10/9-10/12
    1. This appreciation week was run differently this year as students were given ideas that they could use as a guideline to show their appreciation for their bus driver rather than having a specific activity assigned to each day of the week for students. This change was made in the hopes that there would be more flexibility given to the families.

October/November PTO Events

Sub Sale

  1. There were 84 forms turned in.
  2. There were a few cash donations made.
  • There will be a drive-thru pick-up for the subs during Fall Fest on 10/20

Teacher Luncheon 10/15/18

  1. Waiting to see what the weather will be like before making a decision on what food will be provided.

Roller Skating Night 10/18

  1. Parents are welcome to walk with regular shoes on in the center of the rink for the less experienced skaters.
  2. All children and siblings are welcome regardless of ability to skate.

Fall Fest

  1. Still in need of volunteers to help.
  2. The Scoops food truck will be there to purchase food.
  • There will be a FB post to encourage families to bring a cooler to keep their subs in if they are planning to stay and help or enjoy Fall Fest right after getting their subs.

Book Fair 11/6-11/9

  1. The theme this year is Enchanted Forrest
  2. There will be a sign-up genius going out for volunteers to help.
  • Each child will receive a voucher for a book worth up to $7
  • Teachers will be asked to have a dress down day for $5 donation where they can dress up as their favorite mythical creature.
  • Volunteers will asked to be dressed up as well.
  • The Book Fair will be using Scholastics “All for Books” Program to help cover the cost of the $7 book for each student.
    1. If a student brings in a monetary donation, they will be able to pick a prize.
    2. There will be a lollipop pull that the students can pull a lollipop and if the base of the stick is black they get a prize.
  • Tuesday 11/6 1:30-3:30 set up
  • Hours Open:
  • Wednesday 11/7 open 8:00am-9:00 am and 1:30-4:00
  • Thursday 11/8 open 8am-8pm
  • Friday 11/9 open 8am-1:30 pm
  1. Conference Grab-N-Go Dinner for Teachers
    1. Crack Pepper Catering will be making the dinners.
    2. The staff will have a choice between different sandwiches or 2 salad options.

Next PTO Meeting 11/15 @ 6:30pm in the library

Dine-Out Night @Arooga’s 11/19

  1. 15 % of the proceeds will benefit PTO

Family Movie Night

  1. Mr. Helm is thinking over appropriate movie choices for the evening.
  2. The Star was given as a suggestion.

Open Floor Discussion

  1. There was a question asked regarding when the teacher Christmas Giving tree would be set up. It is the hope that it will be set up and ready for the family movie night on 11/30/18.
  2. There was a suggestion about recognizing 3 volunteers who have given countless hours to the students and staff at LeTort over the years. Ideas were discussed on how to recognize them. Mrs. McPherson stated she would look into this more and report back.

Meeting Adjourned

  1. Meeting ended at 7:27pm

***Meeting Minutes Taken and Submitted By Erika Ream***

LeTort Elementary PTO Meeting
September 20, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the LeTort Library

PTO Welcome and Introductions

  • PTO officers and those in attendance introduced themselves to the group and indicated what grades their children were in.
  • Jerissa Warfel began the meeting with a team building moment. Jerissa shared how each person plays a role in our LeTort community.

Principal’s Welcome, Carly McPherson

  1. Carly gave clarifications on what parents need clearances for when volunteering:
    1. Clearances are needed to attend field trips and if volunteering as a classroom helper.
    2. Clearances are not needed to have lunch with your child.
  2. Parents are not permitted to be on the playground with their child during recess.
  3. Carly introduced special guest Charlie Reisinger who explained the laptops the 5th and 6th grade students are using this year.
    • The laptops the 5th and 6th grade students are using are part of the 1:1 program
    • For the 2019-2020 school year, the 4th grade students will also be included in the 1:1 laptop program.
    • The laptops have an industrial grade web filter on them to monitor what the students are accessing.
    • Parents can set up additional filters on their home routers for when the laptops are being used outside of school.
    • There will be permission slips for parents to sign at parent/teacher conferences in order for the students to bring the laptops home.
    • Fee for the first instance of damage to the laptop is up to $100. The fee for the second instance of damage is $200.
    • If the laptop is lost, the parent must pay for the total cost of the laptop.
    • Students will receive a new laptop every 4 years for middle and high school students and every 3-4 years for elementary students.
    • Elementary and middle school students will turn their laptops in at the end of the school year each year. High school students are permitted to keep the laptops during the summer months.

“Best Year Yet”- PTO 2018/19 Event Calendar

  1. On 4/3/18 there will be a whole school field trip to the Ware Center to see a play called, “You and Me and the Space Between.”

Treasure Report

  1. There was a more simplified Treasurer’s report distributed to the group which showed what each event/activity brings in and how much is spent for said activity.
  2. The question arose as to why PTO carries over a large balance from year to year. Jerissa explained that there needs to be some monies in the account to start the following school year off healthy, but that in order to not carry over such a large balance there are more events added to the calendar for this year and PTO will invest more money in events during the school year.

September/October 2018 PTO Events

  • Sub Sale is running from 9/20-10/09
    1. Sub pick ups will be on 10/20 during Fall Fest
    2. National Custodian Day is 10/2
      1. Students were asked to make cards to bring to school
  • Bus Driver Appreciation Week 10/9-10/12
    1. Students will bring home a half sheet reminder
  • Book Fair
    1. There will be a meeting on 10/11 at 5:30 pm for those interested in helping with bookfair.
    2. The book fair theme for this year is Enchanted Forest
  • Letort Roller Skating Night
    1. Being held on 10/18
    2. This is not a drop off event.
    3. Those attending are responsible to paying for this roller skate/roller blade rentals.
  • Letort Fall Fest
    1. Will be held on 10/20 with a rain date of 10/21.
    2. The event is from 11:00-2:00 on the Letort grounds.
    3. There are volunteers needed for this event and a sign up genius will be sent out to anyone interested in volunteering.

Soliciting Volunteers

In previous years parents and volunteers were able to sign up for different events for the entire school year at meet the teacher night. For this year, volunteers will be able to sign up to help with events through “sign up genius” invites. Announcements asking for volunteers will also be posted on the PTO blog and Facebook page.

  • Open Floor Discussion
    1. Dining Night Out
      1. This is a new event this year which will be held at Arrooga’s on Centerville Road.
      2. This event will be held the week of Thanksgiving.
  • This is a change from previous years where Friendly’s was used.
  1. Vouchers will be going out to families and you must have a voucher before the event starts. We cannot be handing vouchers out during the event.
  • Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 pm.

**Meeting notes taken and submitted by Erika Ream**