2017-2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

4th PTO Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the LeTort Library

 Co-president, Lisa Eme, opened the meeting at 6:33 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Mrs. McPherson led with introductions.  Then each person in attendance shared their name, noted their children in school and noted any leadership roles (e.g. PTO officer or committee chair).

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McPherson wanted to ensure that all know about school calendar changes.  School is now in session this Friday, January 12.  There will be no school on Monday, January 15 and Tuesday, January 16.  She also noted that snow make up days; school will now be in session February 16 and March 29.

Mrs. McPherson shared that last week was her 5th anniversary as LeTort’s principal.  She also expressed appreciation for all of the holiday gifts and words that LeTort families shared with her.  It meant a lot to her.  She noted that she had a very challenging holiday with a death in her family.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dana Cook shared the following report:

Cash in bank 1/8/2018                                                            $50,482.68

Things that happened the last month were:


Grocery Gift Cards                                                     $5,040.00                      (profit on gift cards sold $250.00)

Cans for Kids                                                              $31.55

Moo money                                                                 $25.00

Vendor Fair                                                                 $180.00

Spirit wear                                                                   $862.00                    (profit on spirit wear $170.75)

Book fair                                                                     $2,796.32

Fun Table                                                                    $800.00

Scrip Cards                                                                 $7,870.00                    (profit $428.75)

Holiday Shoppe                                                          $1,666.37


Total:                                                                           $19,271.94


Book fair lunch for volunteers                                    $76.30

Dougherty Office Supply-paper for PTO                   $219.80

Gift from PTO to students                                         $289.39

Scholastic- Book Fair                                                  $2,862.72

Cash for Holiday Shoppe                                           $135.00

Holiday Shoppe Unlimited                                         $975.50

John Herrs Grocery GC                                              $1,900.00

Giant Grocery GC                                                      $1,900.00

Checks                                                                        $36.50

PTO supplies for display cases                                   $23.18

PTO supplies for postcards for Mr. Rohm                  $61.54


Total:                                                                           $8,479.93


Someone noted that we lost money on the book fair.  Lisa reported that book fair often loses money, since the PTO gives a $5 book to each child.  She also noted that this year we did not do the coin challenge for book fair, which typically helps pay for the books.


Lisa also spoke of how supplies for postcards for Mr. Rohm were put in the cafeteria and kids were able to write him postcards.  He was sent weeks of postcards.


Lisa also noted that items leftover from the book fair fun table were placed in the teacher’s lounge so that they could buy some of them to use for their classrooms.  Someone asked what the Fun Table was.  Lisa explained that is has things like erasers, other supplies and fun things for the kids to buy during book fair.

Lisa also shared that the gift for each student was a spy pen, the most popular item from the Fun Table.

Past Event Reviews:

November. . .

  • Book Fair- Lisa Eme and Janine Hollinger

Lisa reported that Book Fair went well and that everything worked out with the Fiducia Sea.  Copies of the story are available for those who are interested.

  • PTO Dinner for Conference Night- Jerissa Warfel

Jerissa Warfel noted that teachers received boxed meals delivered to their classrooms so they could either take them home or eat them when they had free time.  Jerissa noted that there was both positive and negative feedback.  Some missed the socialization that happens when the meal is served in one location.  The meal was a Chinese theme in Bento boxes.  Mrs. McPherson will ask the teachers for feedback about the meal at the next faculty meeting.

December. . .

  • Holiday Shoppe- Jude Hoar

Lisa reported for Jude Hoar, who was unable to be at the meeting.  She noted that it was set up in the school library at the same time as the Vendor Fun Fair.  In the past when Holiday Shoppe was held during school hours, there were around 300 transactions; this year there were around 100 transactions.  It was very busy between 5 and 6 p.m. and died off by 7:15 p.m.

  • Vendor Fun Fair- Jerissa Warfel

Jerissa reported that there was a good flow of people throughout the evening.  People seemed to be having a good time.  It seemed to go well.  Someone noted that they liked the variety.  A comment was made that next year they will work to coordinate the night with other Penn Manor elementary schools, as two other schools had fairs the same night.  We would probably have a few more vendors from other schools, too.  Someone asked how many vendors were there.  It was noted that there were 13 vendors.

Future Events:

January. . .

  • Family Fun Movie Night: 1/19 (snow date 1/26)- Kate and Jeff Rouse with Chris and Amy Helm

Jeff reported that originally the movie was going to be “Because of Winn Dixie”.  After previewing it with their kids, they decided to look for another one.  The movie will now be “Leap”.  The story is about an orphan Felicie and her friend Victor who escape to Paris to follow her dream of being a dancer/ballerina and her friend Victor’s dream of being an inventor.  It is about not giving up and working hard for what you want.  Please be aware it is a PG movie. . .it has some toilet humor.  Although the movie is about a ballerina, it appeals to both boys and girls.

Ideas for the break or before the movie starts:

Containers prefilled with popcorn and bowls of add-ins (e.g. candy, marshmallows, chocolate)

Lollipops or candy canes with tutus made of red or blue toile netting fabric

Water bottles with “tutus” in blue or red toile netting fabric and lemonade/flavor

Crafts- ballerina shapes with cupcake paper holder skirts to stick on and paper helicopters that kids can decorate/color

Lisa encouraged Jeff to reach out to those who signed up to help with the movie night for help with crafts, etc.

Mrs. McPherson also noted that the PTO had bought new sound equipment.  She encouraged Chris to connect with Mr. Dutton for more information about it.

Someone asked a question- who provides the snack?  Lisa noted that the PTO would pay for it.

It was also noted that usually around 100 people attend the movie night.

February. . .

  • Mother Son Dance: 2/9 (snow date 2/23)- Jerissa Warfel

Jerissa will soon meet with the planning team to come up with a theme.  The idea was raised to open the dance up to current LeTort parents who have a future or past LeTort son.  Someone expressed concern about mixing preschool and middle school/high school kids.  The thought was then maybe to just open it up to Tiny Comets (future LeTort students).

March. . .

  • March Madness: 3/5 to 3/29- Jess Martin

Jess reported that the box top contest will be called Winter Madness this year.  She will have a similar tracking system on display in the hallway as to last year’s.  There will be a snowman at the end and box top amounts will be recorded with snowflakes.  Jess questioned whether we still want to include grocery gift card sales in the contest.  She noted it did not do as well last year as in some previous years.

Prizes will be awarded.  The three classes that bring in the most box tops will receive an ice cream party.  Top students each week will also receive individual prizes.

Jess also discussed which box tops are appropriate to hand in.  She noted that if a box top is missing the date or part of the code, it is not valid.  She has a chart explaining what is acceptable.  She also showed a sheet on which box tops can be sent in.  They can also be put in bags of 50.  More information will be sent home in the future.

Open Floor:

Lisa opened up the floor for comments and questions.

  • Someone noted that years ago the PTO sent home manila envelopes with a magnet to collect box tops in. He noted that hanging one on the refrigerator is a great way to easily collect box tops.  Grandparents and others could also use them to collect as well.  It was noted that there are probably still some available.
  • Someone asked if the tryout dates for the talent show were set. McPherson commented that the Talent Show is March 16 from 6-8 p.m.  Dress rehearsal will most likely be March 13.  Tryout dates are not yet set.
  • Someone also mentioned the vocabulary parade that Mrs. Yoder spoke of at the last PTO meeting. McPherson noted that the staff decided to move the parade to May 23(rain date 5/24), so that the event can be held outside.  Parents and family will be invited to watch.  It will run from 2-3:30.  Prizes will be awarded for best costumes.   The prizes include ABC Vegetable Soup game, Boggle or Scrabble.
  • McPherson also noted that our custodian, Jeff Smith has been in the hospital since New Year’s Eve, with a skin infection. He is improving.  If kids would like to send him a card, they can bring it into school.   Mrs. McPherson noted that Kevin Kelley is covering for Jeff when he is out.  She also noted that Brenda is starting as the new second shift custodian.

Lisa adjourned the meeting at 7:11 p.m. and encouraged people to thank Mr. Rohm for taking care of the children.  She also noted that the next PTO meeting is March 1.

3rd PTO Meeting Minutes 

November 2nd at 6:30 p.m. in the LeTort Library

Co-President Lisa Eme opened the meeting at 6:34 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McPherson was not in attendance this evening.  Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Yoder shared for Mrs. McPherson.

Mrs. Johnson spoke of the new student recognition program this year.  In the past, students have been recognized for displaying the individual attributes of leadership at LeTort (Leadership, Excellence, Trustworthy, Optimism, Respect, Teamwork).  This year, students in each classroom who demonstrate all of these traits will be recognized as Student of the Month during bimonthly All School Assemblies.  One student from each classroom will be chosen.  Mrs. Johnson reported that the first group of students was just recognized a week ago.  She noted that it was great to recognize these kids in front of their classmates and the entire school.

Mrs. Yoder then shared about an upcoming event that the faculty is planning for January.  Mrs. Yoder, Mrs. Gwyn, Mrs. Peart and Mrs. Binkley are working as a committee to have a Vocabulary Parade at LeTort on January 19.  Students will be asked to present a vocabulary word visually with a costume.  Words will come from places like their vocabulary lists.  The primary wing of students will be more involved in the parade.  Details for the secondary wing are continuing to be worked out.  There will be prizes (one per grade level) for the most ingenious costume.  The faculty is seeking PTO’s help with obtaining the games (Boggle, Alphabet Soup Game, Scrabble, Can of Alphabet Soup) for the prizes.  The day will also include fun activities with words like playing word games (e.g. Scrabble, etc), having Readers’ Theaters, etc.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bethany Landgraff, Assistant Treasurer, reported for Dana Cook, Treasurer.  She also noted that there are still a lot of gift cards to sell.  They are looking into potentially having a contest between grades with gift cards. The monthly financial report is as follows:

Cash in bank 11/2/17                                                              $42,820.47

Things that happened this month were:


School Assembly (The Magic of Joe Romano)           $995.00

Field Trip Deposit                                                       $250.00

PTO Supplies                                                              $14.82

Teacher Enhancements (Audio Equipment)               $897.94

Book Fair Fun Table                                                   $578.67

Book Fair Supplies                                                      $50.88


Total:                                                                           $2,787.31


Grocery Gift Cards                                                     $700.00 (we made a total of $35.00)

Cans for Kids                                                              $16.85

Friendly’s Fundraiser                                                  $214.00

Total:                                                                           $930.85

Book Fair:

Lisa Eme reported that packets with information about book fair came home with students either yesterday or today.  Set up will be 1:30-3:30 on Tuesday, 11/7.  The book fair will be open as follows:              Wednesday, 11/8 . . .1:30 p.m. -3:30 p.m

Thursday, 11/9. . . . .8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Friday, 11/10. . . . . . .8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Parents, grandparents, etc will be able to shop during conference times.

Mrs. Yoder and sixth grade announcers have been reading the story of the Booknami in the Fiducia Sea.  The story is also posted on the blog.  It is a story about friendship and tests.  Will the Booknami crush friendships?  Lisa reported that hopefully it will be a happy ending.

Lisa also noted that help is still needed for the book fair.  If you are able to help, please let Lisa know.

A few questions were asked about Book Fair.

-Will book fair be open during lunch time for students?  Yes, it will be open during lunchtime.

-Could it be open for a home school group? Yes, people from the community could shop after students leave school.

Holiday Giving Tree- 11/7-12/23:

Barbee Myer reported that a tree will be set up on Tuesday, 11/7 near the front entrance.  It will have tags with classroom gift ideas for teachers.  Parents and students can select a tag off the tree when in the building for parent teacher conferences or up until before holiday break.  After purchasing this gift for the classroom, students can bring the gift into the classroom anytime before the holiday break.  Please note that this is an optional activity.

Teacher Conference Meal 11/9:

Jerissa Warfel reported that things will be done differently with the conference meal this year.  We are going to purchase a delivery meal that teachers can either eat at school or take home, depending on their conference schedule.  Help will still be needed on Thursday, 11/9.  Jerissa will be contacting the Hospitality Committee for help that day.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Jerissa.

Holiday Scrip Cards 11/20 & 12/8:

Lisa reported that Mrs. Jacoby is running the Holiday Scrip Cards program again.  Information about the program has been sent home.  Gift cards to a variety of businesses, restaurants, etc can be purchased with the PTO earning money on purchased cards.  There are two dates when orders need to be placed by (November 20 and December 8).  Once cards come in, they can be sent home with your child or you can make arrangements with Mrs. Jacoby to pick them up in the office.

Holiday Shoppe 12/1 5-8 p.m:

Jude Hoar is coordinating this event.  Lisa reported for her that the Holiday Shoppe will be set up in the library while the Vendor Fun Fair is going on in the all purpose room.  Help will be needed for the Holiday Shoppe.  Jude soon will be sending information out about helping with the event.  Helpers will still be needed to help children shop.

Vendor Fun Fair 12/1 5-8 p.m:

Lisa reported that several vendors are already signed up to participate.  Some individuals from the PTO will be working on having food for the event.  Details are still being worked out.

A question was asked about the Holiday Shoppe:

Are parents expected to help their children shop in the Holiday Shoppe?  Volunteers will help students with shopping in the Holiday Shoppe in the library.  Parents are to be with their children in the Vendor Fun Fair area in the all purpose room.  It was noted that this is not a drop off event for the kids.

Book Fair Activity:

Lisa distributed book fair animal characters to those in attendance at the meeting.  People divided up into groups based on the animal characters they had been given. Each group wrote a short story about the characters.  These stories will be compiled for the book fair stories that are shared during announcements and on the blog.

The meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.


2nd PTO Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the LeTort Library

Lisa Eme opened the meeting at 6:32 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McPherson reported that on 10/18 all students will attend a “Math Heroes” assembly, which is funded by the PTO.    She also noted that there will be another assembly in February.  Mrs. McPherson also reported that she has a committee meeting with other staff to discuss how to “shake things up a bit” with regular all school assemblies.  One idea is to recognize one student from each classroom during the assembly.  More information will be coming soon.

Mrs. McPherson also shared that the Turkey Hill ice cream party for the Summer Reading Program was a success.  She noted that everyone seemed to come, but that people showed up at different times, allowing for not very long lines.  The school compiled a thank you note for Mr. Hean and Turkey Hill with students from the different classrooms signing it.  Mrs. McPherson also shared that there is leftover ice cream.  She suggested having an ice cream party for the students during the school day sometime over the winter.  She will be looking for volunteers to help dip ice cream during that time.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dana Cook reported the following:

Cash in bank 10/2/2017 – $50,526.93

Things that happened this last month were:


PTO Supplies                                                  $515.71

Grocery Gift Cards                                         $4750.00

Meet the Teacher Night                                  $60.87

Peaceful Valley Furniture (legacy project)     $549.08

Teacher Luncheon                                           $247.12

Summer Reading Party                                   $59.80

Total:                                                               $6182.58


Grocery Gift Cards                                         $1420.00 ($71 profit)

Cans for Kids                                                  $69.95


Total:                                                               $1489.95

Dana reported that PTO supplies included items for PTO bins and bulletin boards.  Lisa Eme also reported that the PTO supplies included plates, cups, napkins and other supplies from the restaurant store for use for PTO events throughout the year.  The Meet the Teacher night expense was for snacks. The legacy project expense was for large picnic tables in the pergola area.  Mrs. McPherson noted that they have been well used already with some children bringing out drawing supplies during recess.  The teacher luncheon expense was for a luncheon for teachers before school started.

September Successful Events:

Lisa reported the both the Meet the Teacher Night and the Summer Reading Ice Cream Celebration were a success.  With Meet the Teacher Night, lots of families visited the PTO area in the all-purpose room.  All of the snacks were eaten.  Many parents filled out the volunteer sheet.

October Events:

10/5: Free Roller Skating Night at the Castle– Heather Myer reported that roller skating is this Thursday night at the Castle Roller Skating rink.  There will be another roller skating event in the winter, too.  Admission is free, but there is a fee for renting skates.  Lisa noted that if you bring your own skates that they cannot have black stoppers.

10/16-10/19:  Bus Driver Appreciation Week– Lisa reported that Jerissa Warfel will reach out via Signup Genius to those who indicated interest in helping with this event.  If you did not sign up to help with this event and are interested in helping, you can email Jerissa, Lisa or Janine.

The kids will also receive a paper with information about ways that they can personally show appreciation to their drivers.

10/17: Friendly’s FUNdraiser Night @ Centerville– Janine Hollinger reported that from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday, October 17, LeTort PTO will receive 10% of all sales, including both dining in and carryout.  It is a fun time where LeTort families “takeover” Friendly’s.  She also noted that there are 2 greeting spots at 5:45 p.m. open.  Greeting entails holding a sign and thanking people for supporting the school.

Lisa also noted that if you signed up to help with yearbook that you will be receiving an email about taking pictures at Friendly’s.

November News:

11/2- PTO Meeting

11/8-11/10: Book Fair- Booknami in the Fiducia Sea- Lisa reported that those who signed up for helping with the book fair will be receiving an email in the future.  It is the same days as Parent/Teacher conferences.  Help will be needed with art work and during the book fair.

11/8: Giving Tree?– Lisa noted that in the past we had a tree with tags on it with gift ideas for teacher’s classrooms.  Parents and students could select tags starting during conference time.  Missy Rugh had led this in the past and new leadership is needed.  Jackie Frey and Barbee Myer volunteered to take leadership for this event.

11/9:  PTO dinner for Teachers and Staff Conferences– Lisa noted that Jerissa Warfel will be reaching out for help for this event via email.


12/1: Holiday Shoppe & Vendor Fun Fair– These events will take place on a Friday night.  The Holiday Shoppe will be set up in the library.  The Vendor Fun Fair will be set up in the all purpose room.  There will be snacks available.  For the Vendor Fun Fair, people will be able to rent tables to sell items.  Those selling items will keep the money they make selling items; they will only have to pay a fee for having a table.  The usual Holiday Shoppe “trinkets” will still be available in the library.  More information will be coming soon.

Open Floor time:

Lisa opened up the floor for any comments or questions.  There were none.

Lisa then expressed appreciation to Melissa Hochreiter for bringing snack this evening.  She also encouraged people to sign the thank you note for Mr. Rohm for helping to provide childcare for the meeting.  Finally, she thanked everyone for coming.

The meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.


First PTO Meeting Minutes-September 7, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the LeTort library

President, Lisa Eme, opened the meeting at 6:37 p.m. with a welcome and the pledge of allegiance.

Principal’s report:  Carly McPherson

Mrs. McPherson introduced the teachers that were present: Mrs. Suydam, 4th grade; Mrs. Moyer, 5th grade; Mrs. Beighley, 5th grade and Mrs. Wright, 3rd grade.

She noted that Back to School/Meet the Teacher night is next Thursday, September 14 from 4-6 p.m.  It is a drop-in event where kids can show their classrooms to their families.

Mrs. McPherson also reported that the Reading Celebration for the summer reading program is Tuesday, September 19 from 4:15-6 p.m. (rain date Tuesday, 4/26) at the LeTort playground.  After some feedback from families last year, the decision was made to change from the Rita’s night to the Turkey Hill ice cream sundaes event.  An invitation with more information and an RSVP will soon be sent home to students who completed the summer reading program calendar, to new students and to kindergarteners.  Families will be welcome.  An RSVP will help with numbers for planning.  Mrs. McPherson noted that Mr. Heen and Turkey Hill Dairy are helping to sponsor the event, including bringing the Turkey Hill cow.

Parent/teacher conferences will be in November.  Mrs. McPherson noted that the late night for conferences is Thursday, November 9.  She highlighted that date since the PTO usually helps with a meal for the teachers on the day.

PTO officer introductions:

Lisa Eme introduced the PTO officers for this school year.  They include: Lisa Eme, Co-President; Janine Hollinger, Co-President; Jerissa Warfel, Co-Vice President; Melissa Hochreiter, Co-Vice President; Dana Cook, Treasurer; Bethany Landgraff, Assistant Treasurer; Barbee Myer, Secretary and Jess Martin, Assistant Secretary.

Treasurer’s Report: Dana Cook

Dana reported that as of 9/6/2017 we have $55,417.17 in the bank.  There were no incoming items over this past month.  Expenses were as follows:

Teacher appreciation   $3200.00

Castle Roller Skating  $150.00

PTO Supplies              $84.21

Dana noted that at the start of each school year the PTO gives a check to every teacher to help with classroom expenses.  She also commented that payment was made for an upcoming roller skating night at the Castle Roller Skating rink.

Mrs. Moyer expressed appreciation for the checks for the teachers.

PTO Points- Lisa Eme and Janine Hollinger

Lisa described the PTO packet that was available to take home at the meeting and that will be sent home from school via family count (family count is sending papers home to the youngest student in a family at LeTort, when multiples copies per family are not needed).  The packet includes a cover letter with general information, a PTO Happenings sheet that describes what the PTO does, a PTO calendar of events for the 2017-2018 school year, information on fundraisers like grocery/gas gift cards, Giants A+ Rewards program, Moo Money and Cans for Computers and a PTO Volunteer Information sheet.  Lisa noted that filling out and returning the PTO Volunteer Information sheet is a good way to sign up for any areas that someone may be interested in helping with.  Sheets could be turned in after the meeting or be sent to school with your child.

Lisa also noted that PTO work kits are available for use whenever you are working on anything for PTO.  They include office supplies like paperclips, staplers, pens, etc.  They are located in the workroom and in the back closet.  Lisa asked that if you notice that supplies are getting low that you would contact either herself or Janine.

Committees in Need of a Chair:

Family Fun Movie Night: 1/19/2018 (snow date 1/26)

Chris Helm has served as a past chair of this event.  He noted that around 150-200 adults and kids typically attend.  It involves setting up a projector in the all-purpose room, having snacks like popcorn and potentially an activity that is related to the theme of the movie (e.g. a Lego competition with the Lego movie).  The Helms are willing to help with the technical details of setting up the projector and with the popcorn.  They are looking for someone to help with deciding on a movie and with organizing the food and any extra activities.  Please contact Lisa Eme or Janine Hollinger if you are interested in helping chair this event.

Mother Son Dance:  2/15/2018(snow date 2/23)

This committee does have a chair now as Jerissa Warfel is willing to provide leadership.


  • Dana shared information about the grocery gift card program. She explained that to participate that you fill out the paper in the PTO packet and send it into school with a check for your order.  Gift cards are available from John Herr’s, Giant and Weis.  Once you send an order in, Dana or Bethany will fill it.  The card is sent home with your child.  You can also make arrangements to pick it up at school. Once you receive your first order, you get an envelope that you can send your next order in.  Dana noted that last year the PTO made over $1500 through the grocery gift card program.  The school makes 5% off of each gift card.
  • Dana also shared information about the Giant A+ Rewards program. If interested in participating, you can register you Giant Rewards card online or fill out the sheet from the PTO packet and send it into school.  Last year this program made over $500 for the PTO.

A question was asked if gift cards could be sold for Darrenkamps.  Dana noted that the PTO has to buy $1000 worth of cards at a time and that Darrenkamps cards did not sell very well in the past.

  • Lisa spoke about the Cans for Computers program. Aluminum items can be brought to the “Can Corral” area behind the school.  Rohm takes them to a recycling center and receives money for them.  More information is on the sheet in the PTO packet.

The PTO thanked Samantha Gerlach and her dad, Ryan, who took time to clean up and rake the leaves from the cans for computers corral. Mr. Rohm shared with us that he was pleasantly surprised to find the corral cleaned up when we went to collect the cans.

  • Janine spoke about the Friendly’s Fundraiser which is 10/17 from 5-8 p.m. at the Centerville location. You can sign-up to greet people by a sign inside the entrance.  LeTort PTO receives 10% of all sales (dining room and carryout) during that time period.  In the past, the PTO has made around $200.  Friendly’s is full of LeTort families that evening and it is a fun time to see friends from school.

Committees in Full Swing:

Hospitality Committee: Jerissa Warfel noted that she will send emails out to people who were on the list last year with information about upcoming opportunities.   If you are not on the list and would like to receive the emails before the Volunteer information sheet information is gathered, you can let her know.  Bus driver appreciation is coming up 10/16-19.  She will send out an email with more information once she has details from Lisa.  In the past, we have done something special for the drivers in the morning and in the afternoon.  Throughout the year, Jerissa will email about donating for meals, etc.  The big event for hospitality is the meal for teachers during Parent/Teacher conferences.

Yearbook Committee: Lisa noted that pictures have already been taken for the first day of school.  Thanks to Jess, Bethany and Janine for taking those pictures.  Lisa also noted that anyone can take pictures of Letort events (e.g. classroom parties or activities) and email them to Lisa and Janine.

Mrs. McPherson noted that if you are new to the district and would like to volunteer at school then you will need to fill out a Volunteer application and clearance paperwork.  Paperwork is available in the office.

Upcoming events:

10/3- PTO Meeting 6:30-7:30 p.m.

10/5- Free Roller Skating Night 5:30-8 p.m.

10/16- 10/19- Bus Driver Appreciation Week

10/17- Friendly’s FUNdraiser Night 5-8 p.m. (Centerville)

Open floor:

Jerissa asked people to note 12/1 on their calendars as the Holiday shop.  Jude Hoar chairs this event.  It will be held in the evening this year.

Jerissa noted that another parent had a question regarding clearances.  She wondered if you needed to have the volunteer clearance paperwork completed to be able to eat lunch with your child.  Mrs. McPherson noted that you do not need clearances to come into school to eat lunch with your child.

Lisa concluded the meeting by expressing thanks to all who were in attendance for coming and to remember to pick up the PTO packets on the table.  She also asked people to sign the thank you card for Mr. Rohm for doing childcare this evening.

The meeting adjourned at 6:59 p.m.

6th PTO Meeting Minutes- May 11, 2017 in the LeTort Library

Lisa Eme opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 6:33 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dana Cook shared the following report:

Cash in Bank 5/11/2017:                                             $63,845.66


Grocery Gift Cards                                                     $1900.00 (profit on gift cards sold $95.00)

Cans for kids                                                               $36.00

3rd grade field trip chaperone                                      $345.00

Sub Sale 6th grade                                                       $2,679.50

5th grade field trip t-shirt/chaperone                           $1500.00

Laps for Letort (so far)                                               $4642.00

Total:                                                                           $11,102.50


PSSA end of week snack                                           $267.78

Hands on House field trip                                          $330.00

Fulton Theater field trip- 3rd grade                             $506.00

Tropical Smoothie- teacher appreciation                     $79.50

Teacher BBQ                                                              $314.02

MH custom printing- 6th grade field day t-shirt         $277.00

Total:                                                                           $1774.30

Jerissa Warfel also noted that as of the time of the PTO meeting that $2605 was in the GoFundMe account for Laps for LeTort.

6th Grade Legacy Project:

Katie Hess reported that subs will be delivered at the front door of the school starting at 3:45 p.m. (after last bus leaves) on Thursday, May 18.  A reminder will be sent out.  Katie noted that we sold $3200 in subs.  She also noted that some of the 6th grade parents will be building the pergola on June 3.  A second date may be needed for placement of the benches.

Teacher Appreciation Week & BBQ Report:

Lisa reported that things went well.  The teachers and staff enjoyed the food and other ways they were appreciated.


Aimee Kellers noted that pictures are still needed for some classes for the yearbook and that she is willing to help teachers upload photos, if needed.  Discussion ensued about other needs for the yearbook.  Mrs. McPherson will help schedule a time for a full school picture.  Mrs. Mitchell will get group photos and autographs for the 6th grade classes.  Any photos that parents would like to contribute for the yearbook need to be uploaded to the folders at http://goo.gl/gvScLR by May 19.  In addition, Aimee is working with Matt Streets to put the yearbook together.  It will have a Willy Wonka theme.

Laps for LeTort 5/12:

Jerissa Warfel reported that Laps for LeTort will be held inside tomorrow, May 12, due to the weather forecast.  It will run for one hour and fifteen minutes.  The children will be walking the halls with breaks for line dances, photo booths and other fun.  There will be ice pops and a dance party at the end.  All of the children will get Laps for LeTort t-shirts tomorrow.

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McPherson shared that Mrs. Yoder thanks the PTO for providing chapter books for older kids for the upcoming book swap.

Mrs. McPherson also discussed the incentive for the Summer Reading Program.  Some feedback had been received that a night at Rita’s in September can be difficult with busy schedules.  She was looking for feedback about the possibility of moving the incentive to LeTort with something like an ice cream sundae party.  It was noted by parents that moving the incentive to LeTort would be fine.  The PTO will also provide funds for the incentive.  Mrs. McPherson will confer with others to determine the details of the incentive so that it can be introduced to the children at the assembly on May 17.

PSSA Fun Day 5/19:

Lisa reported that there will be a PTO sponsored fun day on May 19 with activities like Mr. Rohm’s table of delicacies, bounce houses, popcorn, etc.  Please talk to Lisa or Janine if you are interested in helping.

Open Floor:

  • Mitchell expressed appreciation and thanks on behalf of the teachers and faculty for the way the PTO and parents “spoil” them with things like the tokens of appreciation and the BBQ.
  • Elections for officers for 2017/2018 school year

Lisa reviewed those on the ballot and noted that anyone present at the meeting could be added to the ballot.  Since no one present desired to be added to the ballot, she noted one person who was unable to be present who was willing to serve in an open position.  Those present and voting could write that person in.  Mrs. McPherson collected and reported the results.  The officers for 2017/2018 school year are:

President: Janine Hollinger and Lisa Eme

Vice-President: Jerissa Warfel and Melissa Hochreiter

Treasurer:  Dana Cook

Secretary:  Barbee Myer

Assistant Secretary:  Jess Martin

Assistant Treasurer:  Bethany Landgraff

The meeting adjourned at 7:03 p.m.


5th PTO Meeting Minutes- March 30, 2017 in LeTort Library

Lisa Eme opened the meeting at 6:38 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Principal’s Report:

Lisa reported for Mrs. McPherson, as Mrs. McPherson was unable to attend due to being ill.  Lisa noted that teachers have really appreciated the tokens of appreciation that parents have been giving to teachers.  Lisa noted that Mrs. McPherson wanted to thank parents for how they have been spending their time, resources and effort in this way.

Several parents who had participated shared examples of the gifts that they gave including teacher’s favorites snacks, notes of encouragement, etc.

Past Events:

  • Mother Son Dance: Caryn Warfel

It was reported that it was the highest attended dance yet and that it was a fun time for those who attended.

A question was asked why there is no dance for fathers and daughters.  It was noted that there is a father-daughter dance usually held in February and sponsored by the Penn Manor cheerleaders as a fundraiser.  The LeTort Mother Son dance was started because there was not an option for mothers and sons.

Someone also noted that other schools have expressed interest in participating.  The opinion was expressed that it would be nice to keep it as LeTort only event.  It is a fundraiser, but it is not intended to be a major fundraiser.

  • Talent Show

The Talent Show was held for the first time in several years.  It was noted that it ran under two hours and that the kids did a really great job.

  • Roller Skating Night: Heather Myer (reported by Lisa)

Heather Myer is taking this event over from Amy Ford.  The roller skating night at the Castle was well attended, including several families who attended for the first time.  Many donations were received for Penn Manor CARES.  Katie Hess delivered them and noted that there are a variety of things that are donated.  Items are given to families in the district who have need of them.

Present Events:

  • March Madness- Jess Martin

Lisa reported for Jess that things are going well for the Box Tops collection and Grocery Gift card purchases contest.  Prizes for the top three students who bring in the most box tops each week are being given out each week.  The contest runs through March 31.  The class with the most box tops collected will win an ice cream party.

  • Tokens of Appreciation Event- Lisa and Janine

As discussed during the Principal’s report, several parents are blessing teachers with treats.  Two dates have already taken place and two more will be coming.

Future Events:

  • PSSA Breakfast, Lunch & Desserts- Jerissa Warfel

Jerissa noted that parents from the Moms In Prayer group will be providing the breakfast.  She will be setting up a SignUp Genius for the Lunch and Dessert dates.  Those who are on the hospitality list will receive an invitation to sign up to provide food.  If you are not on the hospitality list and would like to participate, please contact Jerissa.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: 5/1-5/5

5/1       PTO provides Tropical Smoothies for teachers

5/5       Appreciation BBQ for Teachers & Staff (SignUp Genius will be made for people to sign up to contribute food)

  • Laps for LeTort- Jerissa Warfel

A planning meeting set for Monday, 4/3 at 9:15 a.m. at the George St. Café in Millersville was just posted on the blog.  Laps for LeTort is a “Race for Education” type fundraiser.  It is LeTort’s biggest fundraiser.  Jerissa hopes to have copies of donation letters sent home by family count the last day before Easter break.   Families will be able to fill out donation request letters with personal messages.  The letters will then be returned to school so that they can be mailed out.  Online donations through a GoFundMe site will also be available again.  The event will take place on Friday, May 12 from 9:15 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.  Typically, the event is outside with each student completing laps around a course. In the event of rain, the event will take place inside.  A DJ provides music during the event.

  • PSSA Fun Day Event- Lisa and Janine

The PSSA Fun Day is an all day event that will take place on 5/19.  There will be bounce houses, popcorn, etc.  Volunteers will be needed to help with the activities.

Always Happening:

  • Yearbook: Aimie Kellers (reported by Lisa and Janine)

Aimie Kellers noted that she is looking for pictures for the yearbook.  She has been going through teacher’s blogs to pick out pictures that can be used for the yearbook.  Aimie is requesting that people upload the pictures they have of LeTort events to folders at this link:


If you need some help with this, contact Aimie and she would be able to help you.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dana Cook shared the following report:

Cash in bank as of 3/29/2017- $54,488.15


Grocery gift cards                               $3940.00 (profit on gift cards sold $197.00)

Mother/son dance                               $790.00

Total:                                                   $4730.00


Grocery Gift Cards                             $4465.00

DJ mother/son dance                          $150.00

Supplies mother/son dance                $104.38

Dougherty (paper) PTO supplies        $199.80

Fulton Theater Deposit                        $200.00

Total:                                                   $5119.18

Open Time:

  • Katie Hess shared that the 6th grade class will be doing a Legacy Project. They will be constructing a pergola outside from the library.   They hope to add benches with the names of the sixth graders on them.  Approval from the school district has been granted.  Manor Township will be waiving the permit fees.  Lezzer Lumber will be donating the lumber at cost.  The 6th grade plans to have a sub sale to raise money to purchase lumber.  A paper with information about the sub sale will be sent home to all LeTort families.
  • A discussion ensued regarding what PTO funds are being raised for. It was noted that field trips cost a fair amount of money and that Mrs. McPherson would like to look into putting a sound system in the budget for next year.  It was also noted that we will most likely not do the same fall fundraiser next year.  It was expressed that we will need to probably do at least one large fundraiser a year to fund field trips, etc.

Meeting adjourned.

Addendum:  Handout with PTO End of School Year Dates


4/3       Breakfast for Teachers & Staff (PSSA) by parents from Moms In Prayer

4/10     “Tokens of Appreciation” 4 Teachers by parents

4/13     “Tokens of Appreciation” 4 Teachers by parents

4/25     Lunch for Teachers & Staff (PSSA)

4/28     Dessert for Teachers & Staff (PSSA)



5/1-5/5 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/1       Tropical Smoothies for Teachers

5/5       Appreciation BBQ for Teachers & Staff (Signup Genius)

5/11     6th PTO Meeting/Elections in LeTort Library 6:30-7:30 p.m.

5/12     Laps for LeTort

5/19     PTO PSSA Fun Day (k-6th grade) (rain date 5/25)

5/31     5th Grade Washington DC trip


6/1       End of the Year School Picnic (rain date 6/2)

6/5       6th grade graduation

6/7       Last day of school

4th PTO Meeting for 2016-2017 school year

Wednesday, January 12, 2017, in the LeTort Library

 Lisa Eme opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McPherson noted that on Tuesday, January 17th, the second semester begins, with 2 specials changing.  LeTort students will not have Flex or Art anymore this school year, but will now have Library Instruction and Applied Engineering. On days A or B students will have Mr. Patrick Kelley for Applied Engineering, and then days C or D they will have Mrs. Lori Paules for Library Instruction.

2 assemblies supported by PTO:

1) Jump Rope for Heart.  This will be in February during P.E. class.

2) Brightstar Theater Group. There will be separate presentations, one for K-3 and another for 4-6.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dana Cook reported that as of 1/11/17 $56,962.26 is in the bank.

Grocery gift cards $4940.00 (profit was $247.00)
Cans for Kids $38.15
Holiday Shop: $4417.46
Total: $9395. 61


Grocery gift cards $1140.00
Holiday Shop $1963.39
J&K Embroidery Spirit Wear $1367.00 (We made $299.60)
Scripts Card $5582.90 (Profit $299.60)
Total: $10,053.29


Recent Events:

Holiday Shoppe: Jude Hoar, Chair of Holiday Shoppe, was not present, but sent update. It read that the Holiday Shoppe was a success with at least half of the students in all classes participating, and in many classes all students participated. There were many new items offered this year. She wrote that the Holiday Shoppe is also a learning activity for students as they see how to spend their money. It was also noted that next year items will be offered at lower costs. They also will have Kindergarten shop in smaller groups, like other classes do.

Script Gift Card Report: Mary Jacoby c/o Lisa  Currently Mary takes care of the Scrip Card program for the school.  We are thankful for Mary for volunteering to do this.

UGLY Sweater Contest: Katie Hess reported that this was successful with at least 2/3 school and staff participating. The trophy can be used year to year.

Yearbook Upload Reminder: Aimee Kellers, Yearbook Chair, reminded us that she needs pictures loaded to the Google Drive for Yearbook. See blog for directions. She noted that she needs pictures. She would like them uploaded; however, they may also be e-mailed to her if you have trouble with the upload. Contact: Aimie Kellers- ANKHLE@gmail.com

  • Go togoogle.com
  • Username: annletortpto@gmail.com
  • Password: letortrocks
  • Double-Click on the YEARBOOK Folder
  • Go to the folder you want to upload pictures too: example-1st Grade, Holiday Shoppe, Mega Party Event…
  • Click “NEW” to upload your pictures

January/February Events to Come:

Family Fun Movie Night will be 1/20: Chris & Amy Helm are Chairs for this event. They are looking to hand this event over to someone. They will be showing “Finding Dory.”  Volunteers are needed to help with that evening.

The Mother Son Dance will be 2/24: Caryn Warfel, the Chair said it will be a Valentine/Sweetheart theme. There will be a photo booth, photo props, food, desserts, and, new this year, a kissing booth. The kissing booth will be where boys get to guess how many Hershey Kisses are in a container. The cost of this event will be $20 per one mom and her sons. The snow date is March 3rd.

Special Return Event – The Talent Show: There will once again be a LeTort Talent Show. Mrs. McPherson and Dr. Jen Sugra are chairing this event, and are looking for volunteers to help with it. Mrs. McPherson said the last one was four years ago. She noted that this time the event will allow students in all grade levels to participate if they opt to, but they can only be in one act. Their performance should be 2-4 minutes in length. There will be two afternoons to try out, Feb. 27th or 28th.  There is a mandatory dress rehearsal two days before event on March 7th. The event is March 9th.

Open Floor:  Mrs. Tanya Johnson complimented the PTO, and thanked them for all they do.

Upcoming Events in March/April:

3/2  PTO Meeting (6:30-7:30) Childcare Provided

3/23 Roller Skating Event (Donations to PM CARES)

Jerissa Warfel will be sending more info about the below events to families soon.

4/3  Breakfast for Teachers & Staff (PSSA)

4/25 Lunch for Teachers & Staff (PSSA)

4/28 Dessert for Teachers & Staff (PSSA)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

3rd PTO Meeting

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 in the LeTort Library

Lisa Eme opened the meeting at 6:36 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Principal’s Report:

Mrs. McPherson reported that LeTort did well in a school performance profile score that is based on PSSA testing.  LeTort elementary scored 79.4 which placed them 14th in Lancaster County and 2nd in the Penn Manor school district.

Mrs. McPherson also noted that the Mega Event this past Friday was a fun day.  She was able to warm up after her time in the dunk tank.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dana Cook reported that as of 10/31/2016 there is $62,608.51 in the bank.

Things that happened this last month were:


Grocery gift cards                  $6,180.00

                                    (profit on gift cards sold $309.00)

Cans for Kids                          $11.15

Spirit wear                               $139.00

Friendly’s                                $194.00

Total:                                       $6,524.15


Grocery gift cards                   $2,850.00

Castle Roller Rink                      $300.00

Science Assembly                     $625.00

Book Fair                                  $644.37

Bus Driver Week                           $9.06

Total:                                       $4,428.43


Recent Events:

Roller Skating Night:  Lisa Eme reported that it was a great time.

Bus Driver Appreciation Week:  Caryn Warfel reported that things went smoothly.  She noted that there were a lot of volunteers to provide special treats for the drivers and she expressed thanks.  Caryn also said that many children made cards.  The bus drivers appreciated the treats.  Lisa Eme read a thank you note from Lori, the bus driver from 210.

Mega Event Report:  Janine Hollinger noted that the Mega Event was the prize for the Great American Fundraiser.  The fundraiser made about $9500.  The students seemed to enjoy the reward.  Teachers had good things to say about the activities.  For those who earned it, the cash machine was a hit.  The hamster balls were a hit, too.  Janine expressed thanks for all of the volunteers who helped with the event.  She also noted the Great American Fundraiser staff did a good job with the event.

Upcoming Events:

Book Fair, 11/7-11/11:  Lisa Eme reported that the Book Fair theme is Bookaneer: Where Books are Treasures and Friendships Last Forever.  Book Fair runs Wednesday, 11/7 through Friday, 11/11.  It is open until 4 p.m. on Wednesday, until 7/7:30 p.m. on Thursday and 1 p.m. on Friday.  The kids have been making banners about friendship that will be hung up for display.  Each day a report is given about the saga of Owl and Turtle.  New for this year is that the PTO is creating their own “junk” table instead of using Scholastic’s items.  The junk table items will sell for as low as $0.25.  Proceeds from the “junk” table will help offset the costs associated with providing each student with a free book ($5 toward a book).  A comment was made that it is great that each LeTort student gets a free book.

Volunteer needs for Book Fair include helping with set-up on Tuesday, 11/6 after school and volunteering to help student’s shop during their class’ Book Fair session on Wednesday, 11/7, Thursday, 11/8 and Friday, 11/9.  All volunteers need to be cleared volunteers, who have completed the school district volunteer application process.

Teacher Conference Dinner, 11/11:  Jerissa Warfel reported that it will be a Brazilian theme.  Volunteer help will be needed with set-up (setting up place settings and buffet area) and clean-up.   Dishes will need to be rinsed once used before being returned to the rental company.  Mrs. McPherson gave permission for kitchen area sink to be used.  The food will be prepared by the Warfel’s Brazilian nanny, who is looking forward to this opportunity to share her culture.

Classroom Giving Tree, 11/7-12/19:  Lisa Eme reported that Missy Rugh will chair this event.  Missy will soon be contacting those who expressed interest in helping.

Holiday Shop, 12/5-12/8:  Jude Hoar and Jerissa Warfel chair this event.  It was reported that Jude has spoken with Mrs. McPherson about the schedule.  Students will have the opportunity to shop for presents for family, friends, etc., during their Flex time on Tuesday, December 6 or Wednesday, December 7.  Kindergarteners and those who were absent will have the opportunity to shop on Thursday, December 8.

Script Gift Cards, 11/2016 and 12/2016:  Mrs. Jacoby runs this fundraiser for the PTO.  There will be two opportunities to order gift cards (a variety of vendors are available), one in November and one in December, with cards coming home before the holidays. The PTO gets a percentage from each gift card sold.

Ongoing Fundraisers:

LeTort Spirit wear orders due 11/11.  Katie Hess reported that a reminder will be given one week before orders are due.  Samples will potentially be available for viewing during Book Fair. Extra items will not be purchased by the PTO for sale later.

Grocery Gift Cards:  Katie Hess reported that a Holiday form with grocery gift card information will be sent home to encourage people to buy gift cards for grocery shopping.

Open Floor:

Katie Hess spoke about having an Ugly Holiday Sweater contest for the students and teachers.  It was discussed about having it on the day of the Holiday Assembly, December 21.  Students and teachers could wear an ugly sweater or holiday colors like red and green.  Katie noted that you would not necessarily have to go out to buy a sweater if you do not have one.  Ideas about pinning ornaments or Christmas cards on a sweater could work.  A letter with information will go home before Thanksgiving.

Jerissa Warfel spoke about how the Hospitality Committee would like to have a baked potato, soup and salad bar for teachers and staff at the end of November or beginning of December.

It was noted that the sign outside is in need of some repair.  Mrs. McPherson noted that it probably has not been touched since 2002.  She will contact maintenance to investigate  maintaining/repairing the sign.

Lisa closed the meeting with an invitation for someone to help chair the upcoming movie night.  The Helms will be available to help.  Movie night is Friday, January 20, 2017 with a snow date of Friday, January 27, 2017.  If interested in helping chair this event, please contact Lisa or Janine.

The meeting adjourned at 7:09 p.m.

*  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

2nd PTO Meeting

Thursday, October 6th, 2016 in the LeTort Library

Lisa Eme, Co-President, opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Principal’s Report:

  • McPherson noted that she and Sam Strosser, met with grades 1-6 for the annual safety presentation. She referenced the letter sent home on the blog. See below for details about the talk. She noted that this is a school district wide initiative in which the same discussion takes place in every Penn Manor elementary school. There is a common power point used. The discussion is to make students more aware of school safety, and open dialogue with them.



  • McPherson also noted that there are two assemblies scheduled.
    • The first one is Oct. 19th and is The Science Assembly. There will be one for grades K-3, and another for grades grades 4-6. “We are hoping for sunshine this day so PE will be outside.” she said.
    • The next another assembly will be late January, and is a Theater Group is coming to LeTort to perform some African Folk Tales.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dana Cook reported that the PTO has $44,149.34 in the bank account.  The PTO gave $114.06 towards the science closet (classroom science supplies), and renewed the movie license for 5 years at a cost of $1155.00.

Mrs. McPherson expressed how thankful she and the staff are for the science supplies, and the movie license.

Boy Scouts:

Kristy Grant spoke for The Boy Scouts –Pack 88, that meet at Grace Community Church on Frederick Street. They are looking for some service projects they can do for the school. They will be cleaning out the habitat, but would like to do even more.

Bus Driver Appreciation Week:

Caryn Warful spoke about bus driver appreciation week Oct. 17-20. Volunteers are needed to make and give little gifts to the five  LeTort bus drivers each morning and afternoon of that 4-day week. Examples were a muffin and juice in the morning, and a snack and soda in the afternoon. There was a sign up sheet at the meeting. She said there are many ideas on pininterest for bus driver gifts.

. Great American FUNdraiser:

Janine Hollinger spoke about this year’s Great American Fundraiser. The students sold $19,570.00 worth of items. The PTO profit from this is $9700.00. It went very well.

Friendly’s Fundraiser:

Janine Hollinger also spoke about the Friendly’s Fundraiser that occurred on October 5th from 5-8. The profit from this night was $194.00. She noted that Friendly’s staff said we would have made more but they were running a special 1.99 kid’s meals. She thanked all the volunteer greeters for helping with the fun night.


Book Fair

Lisa Eme announced that this years Book Fair is called “Bookaneer,” a Friendly Pirate theme. The decorations will consist of favorite book characters, on a ship and more. The Book Fair is the second week of November.

LeTort Family Roller Skate Night

Amy Ford spoke about the two LeTort Family Roller Skate Nights. The first is this upcoming Thursday, Oct. 13 at  5 p.m. -8 p.m.  Admission is free, and you can bring your own skates with white stoppers, or rent skates. Quad skates are $3.00, while Inlines are $5.00. The PTO rents the roller rink for $250, so only LeTort families and friends are there. The second night will be in March. Amy noted that this is not a drop your kids and leave event, but instead a family fun night to enjoy together with other LeTort families. There are 2 skating events planned this year, as then we earn a free skating event next school year.

Conference Week Staff Dinner

Jerissa Warful, discussed that volunteers are needed November 10th for the staff dinner. It will have a Brazilian Theme. They will need many volunteers to set up, bring food items, as well as clean up and tear down afterwards.

Janine Hollinger noted that you must have your volunteer packet in to volunteer at LeTort. So please return that to assure you can volunteer. It is good for 5 years once approved.

Lisa thanked everyone for coming. The meeting ended at approximately 7PM.