2019-2020 PTO Meeting Minutes

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PTO Meeting March 10, 2020

PTO Meeting February 11, 2020

Meeting began at 6:34pm with a welcome by Jerissa Warfel and introductions by attendees.

Principal’s Welcome

  1. McPherson noted that PSSA testing is coming up in April. April 20th-22nd will be math and science testing for 4th grade.  April 27th-28th will be math testing for 3rd through 6th grade.  April 29th-30th will be science testing for 4th grade.  Attendance is important on those days!  There are some make up days scheduled.

Pending board approval next Tuesday, the first day of school for the 2020-2021 school year is Monday, August 31st.

Treasure’s report by Tara Beakes

  1. The beginning balance was $21,813.00 and the ending balance is $22,927.45.
  2. Income included a payment for box tops. Expenses included movie night and fees to book the DJ for the Mother/Son Father/Daughter dances.

Review of past events

  1. Jerissa Warfel noted that there was a great turn out for the Toy Story movie night. There was popcorn, water, and a copy of the movie was given out.

Upcoming events

  1. Ashlee Martzall noted that the Mother/Son dance is coming up on Friday, February 21st. Invitations were sent home last week and posted on the blog.  RSVP deadline is this Friday.  There has been a good response so far and it should be a great evening!
  2. The talent show will be held on Friday, March 20th at 6pm. Melissa Hochreiter is chairing this event but was unable to attend this meeting.  She will update us with specifics during the March meeting.  It was noted that try outs will be held on March 2nd and March 3rd from 3:30-5pm and the dress rehearsal will be Thursday, March 19th from 3:30-5:30pm.

Box Tops Update

  1. Dana Cook noted that the box tops collection is going well. There were not as many clipped box tops sent in last week but there have been online submissions.  There was an update to the contest on the morning announcements today.  Peart’s 2nd grade class is currently in the lead!  Students were reminded to continue to bring in clipped box tops for the contest and a reminder will be put on the blog this Friday.

Open floor discussion

  1. Jerissa Warfel noted that PTO officer nominations were sent home and that elections will be held next month.
  2. A question was asked about how a request for an expansion beyond the budget is handled within the PTO. It was explained that in the beginning of the year (in August) the Presidents and Vice President discussed the budget for the upcoming year and decided upon a $15/student for the field trip.  It was requested that from now on the entire PTO board come together and discuss any budget requests of substantial amounts and evaluate if there is a need to make a change to the original budget.
  3. Holiday shop was discussed. Jude Hoar and Tara Beakes are going to work together for the upcoming 2020 shop.  There is a holiday shop clearance event that is held in April.  The PTO would be able to front some money to purchase items to stock up the merchandise.  There was some discussion about items that could be put in the “under $1” category to have some more budget friendly ideas for students but also have the higher priced items, as they were a big hit last year!
  4. Dana Cook noted that yearbook order forms will be coming home next week. She has been gathering photos throughout the year and will begin to collect pictures from teachers.  She will also get photos of new students who were not here during picture day in the fall.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm
  • Notes taken and submitted by Ashlee Martzall

PTO Meeting January 14, 2020

Meeting began at 6:33pm with a welcome by Jerissa Warfel

Principal’s Welcome

  1. McPherson began by talking about school finally being back to a “normal” routine after the Blue Ribbon Award

Teacher’s “Dr. Seuss Week”

  1. Teachers will be dressing up in Dr. Seuss characters
  2. March 2nd, 2020 there will be an assembly with the PMHS football players attending. The football players will then go to each classroom and read to the students.

 “Books & Breakfast” – March 3rd with a Snow Date of March 5th:

  1. Parents will be invited in to eat breakfast with their children
  2. The event will be for students in K-6
  3. Time will be from 8:00am to 8:50am
  4. The breakfast will include: pancakes, sausage and fresh fruit and possible dietary items is needed
  5. Parents will sit with their child and read together.
  6. PTO was asked to cover the cost of the breakfast at $2.00 for parents and $1.25 for students

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Account beginning: $25,388.00
  2. Account ending: $21,813.00
  3. Tara Beakes reviewed the Income and Expenses for the PTO
    1. Expenses
      1. Blue Ribbon Shirts $2124.50
      2. Teacher Conference Dinner: $446.31
      3. Checks ordered: $24.99
    2. Income
      1. Scrip Orders November: $64.73, December: $305.00
      2. Cans for Kids November: $15.80, January $21.75
      3. Mick’s Family Night: $275.00
      4. Box Tops: $1,288.90


  1. Melissa Hochreiter, reminded everyone that next year will be Jude’s last year as Chair for the Holiday Shoppe. We need to start looking for a new chair that can hopefully learn from her beforehand.
  2. Jerissa Warfel updated everyone on the Movie Night:
    1. Snow date will be January 31
    2. Water and popcorn will be provided
  3. Ashley Martzall updated everyone on the Mother/Son Dance
    1. She has booked a DJ
    2. Glow in the Dark Theme
    3. Reached out to several different places in regards to food
  4. Box tops were discussed. Jerissa Warfel was going to reach out to Dana Cook to validate who will be the chair.
  5. McPherson inquired about the Box Tops check and if it identified the date for the collection term. This was unknown and would be directed towards Chair, Dana Cook.
  6. Dave Murray asked to revisit the Holiday Shop to have a better understanding of the responsibilities of the Chair.
  7. Jerissa Warfel shared that the Great American Fundraising company had reached out to her asking if there was interest in doing a Spring fundraiser. They are bringing samples to the school again.
  8. Tara Beakes suggested that a blog post be done to ask community members to make donations and contributions towards events. The email that would be put on the blog will be Melissa Hochreiter.

Meeting adjourned at 7:04pm
Minutes taken by Dave Murray

PTO Meeting November 21, 2019
Meeting began at 6:31 pm with a welcome by Jerissa Warfel and the introduction of all attendees.

Principal’s Welcome
1. Mrs. McPherson began by talking about the Blue Ribbon School Award.
1. She updated us on the November 14 and 15 trip to DC.
2. Congressman Smucker mentioned LeTort Elementary School and Mrs.
McPherson during a speech recently. This was in regards to LeTort
Elementary winning the blue ribbon award.
3. Congressman Smucker will be here for the assembly on November 27. We
might try to see if we can attach a link on the LeTort page so everyone is
able to view it.
4. We will have t-shirts for all students and staff for the assembly with
Congressman Smucker. Dave Murray will be handling the t-shirts and will make sure they are ready for the assembly.

Treasurer’s Report – Tara Beakes
1. Tara reviewed the Sub Sale numbers.
2. Tara reviewed all items and receipts she has had to replace and/or pay.
3. Tara reviewed Book Fair sales and other activities in order to raise money.
4. We had an open discussion on improvements with the Sub Sale and the
Book Fair.

1. Melissa Hochreiter updated everyone on Mick’s for the “Dinner Out Night”
2. PTO Movie Night
This event will be moved to Friday January 17.
The weather make up day for this event will be Friday January 31.
The PTO will be asking for parent volunteers to help with the movie     night.
3. The Santa Shop Vendor Fair will take place on Wednesday evening,
December 11 from 5-7:30 pm.
4. Christmas Caroling will take place on December 20.
5. Holiday Concert will take place on December 5, during the school day.
6. We had an open discussion about spirit wear and which vendor we should use.
7. We discussed ideas on school assemblies being recorded for parents to

PTO Meeting October 15, 2019

Meeting began at 6:30 with a welcome by Jerissa Warfel and the introduction of attendees.

Principal’s Welcome
  1. McPherson began by talking about the Blue Ribbon School Award. She let us know that there will be some celebrations through the next couple of months.
    1. On November 14 and 15, 3 administrators will go to DC to receive the official awar
    2. On November 27, Smucker will be here with the students and staff.
    3. In December, a few teachers will head to Harrisbur
  2. McPherson also spoke about the October students of the month, as well as the 2nd grade presentation.
Treasurer’s Report
  1. Tara Beakes updated everyone on the budget, accounts receivables and payable.
  2. Dana Cook updated everyone on the sub sale that was held in September. We raised over $3000 from the
  1. Melissa Hochreiter updated everyone in regards to the Fall Fest. We are still in need of volunteers for this event.
  2. Melissa also updated us about the sub sale pick up and how we are going to run that.
The Book Fair
  1. The book fair will have an “arctic” theme this year.
  2. A new option for parents will be the “Electronic Wallet”.
    1. Parents will be able to deposit money electronically into their child’s account. Then if the money is not used by the child, the parent will receive a refund.
    2. Like in previous years, each child in the school will be given $7 from the PTO that will be deposited into their Electronic Wallet.
    3. If a book is sold out, there is the option to reorder books and have them shipped over
    4. Set up for the book fair will take place on Tuesday October 5 at 3:30 pm.
    5. The teacher preview will be Wednesday October 6 from 8-8:30
    6. There will be a teacher “wish list” for each teacher in the school.
Parent Teacher Conference
  1. Dave Murray volunteered to provide the meal for the teachers again on November He will deliver it and have it set up by 3 pm. Very similar meal to last year.
Blue Ribbon Celebration
  1. The Blue Ribbon Celebration will be held on November 12.
  2. We need parent volunteers to help out with it.
  3. We discussed a budget exception for this event because it is not a regularly scheduled school event. There would need to be an increase to the budget.
    1. Jerissa Warfel motioned to increase the budget for it.
    2. Dave Murray seconded the increase.
    3. Tara Beakes will have a new revised budget for the next meeting.
Open Discussion/Upcoming Event
  1. The PTO will be having a fundraiser at Arooga’s on Sunday, November 24, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
  2. Comet Drive
  3. The PTO Family Movie Night will be held on Friday, Dec 6.
  4. The new apparel order is working on being finalized.
    1. The pickup for the apparel is on Monday December 16. Tara Beakes will pick up the order after 2 pm on that day.
    2. B and T is the apparel company we are using for this order.
    3. There are a few other companies we can look at for future orders:
      1. H&L
      2. Big Planet Apparel
      3. Image Wizard
      4. Tara Beakes looked into yearbook information.
        1. Keep sending pictures that are taken throughout the year to Dana
      5. Parent teacher conferences
        1. Mrs. McPherson stated that the district will continue to review these to make sure the formatting makes sense and what would be the best approach to them in the future.

PTO Meeting September 19, 2019

  • Meeting began at 6:30pm with a welcome by Jerissa Warfel and introductions by attendees.
  • Principal’s Welcome
  1. McPherson said we have had a great start to the school year!  She spoke about the Archie’s Math assembly that is coming up in October.  Kindergarten-2nd grade will have the assembly on October 22nd and 3-6th grade will have it on October 23-24th.  She showed a video of what the assembly will be like and many in attendance commented that it looks like a lot of fun!
  2. McPherson also spoke about school safety.  There will be a letter sent out within the next 2 weeks with information regarding an intruder drill that will be led by Sgt. Geier of Manor Township Police.  After the drill is completed, a follow up letter will be sent out.
  3. She also went over the Sapphire parent portal.  This will be a huge way of communication between parents and the school so make sure you sign up!  You are now able to send in excuse notes and early dismissal notes through the portal.  There was a blog sent out with instructions on how to do that through the portal and Mrs. McPherson showed an example of what it would look like online.  Since we are no longer using the Remind text system, text messages can also be sent out to parents through Sapphire.  A text will be sent out reminding parents about the early dismissal on Friday September 27th.  If you do not receive that message by Monday September 23rd, please contact the office so they can make sure your account is signed up to receive text notifications.
  4. A question was asked about the award that LeTort was nominated for during last year’s school year.  LeTort was nominated, along with 13 other schools from the state of Pennsylvania, for a National Blue Ribbon award from the US Department of Education.  If chosen, LeTort would be only the 4th Lancaster County school in 25 years to receive the award.  This would be a huge honor!  A decision will be made next week and hopefully we will be hearing some good news from Mrs. McPherson!
  • Treasure’s report
  1. Jerissa went over the budget that was handed out for the 2019/2020 year.
  • Changes of events for 2019/2020
  1. The last day of school is tentatively Friday, May 29th (pending any snow days).
  2. Laps for LeTort will not be held this year due to the PSSA make up schedule. LeTort will have an all school celebration day on Friday May 8th so that every student can have an opportunity to participate.
  3. Parent’s night out was cancelled due to scheduling issues last year with weather.
  4. Yoder spoke about a change to the vocabulary parade this year. There is a committee that will be meeting soon to discuss doing something like a books and breakfast idea instead of the vocabulary parade.  Eventually, she would like to hold the parade in October so that the costumes (that parents and students work so hard on!) can be reused for possible Halloween costumes.  Since we just had a parade in May, the hope is to take a year off from the parade and continue next year with the new date in October.
  • September/October upcoming PTO events
  1. Sub sale forms due 10/9 (a reminder will be sent out closer to due date) and pick up will be at Fall Fest on 10/19.  Sub pick up will not be changed if Fall Fest is moved to rain date.  There is a need for 2 volunteers (no clearances needed) to run the sub pick up.  If interested, please contact Jerissa Warfel or Dana Cook.
  2. Custodian day is 10/2. Individual classrooms will do something specific for the custodians so look for more information from the teacher.
  3. Bus driver appreciation week is 10/15-10/18. Suggestions will be posted on the blog of things you could do for the bus drivers.
  4. The next PTO meeting will be Thursday 10/17 at 6:30pm. The first half of the year the meetings will be on Thursdays and then starting January, they will be moved to Tuesdays.
  5. Roller skating night is being coordinated by Heather Myer. She will send home information on the date, time, etc.
  6. Fall Fest is being coordinated by Melissa Hochreiter. She noted that there was a great turn out last year so keeping a lot of the same things this year.  There will be a big ticket item (similar to the escape room last year), barrel train rides, carnival games, prizes, scoops food truck for food.  Lots of volunteers are needed for this FREE event so keep an eye out for a blog post or contact Melissa if you are interested!
  • Open discussion
  1. Jerissa noted that anyone who has their clearances and are interested in taking photos during school events for the yearbook should contact Dana Cook.  Dana will send out an email to those parents who reached out with a list of dates/events that help is needed.
  2. Yoder is looking for new ideas/suggestions for the summer reading program and/or incentives. She mentioned a summer reading library held at Letort 2 times a month would be a fun possibility!
  3. A question was asked about the fall apparel fundraiser. Jerissa clarified that feedback from last year was that it was too close to the PM pink out t-shirt fundraiser.  LeTort’s fall apparel will be sent out the end of September/beginning of Oct and the orders should be in for the holidays.  There will be t-shirts and sweatshirts with PM logo and a vintage LeTort t-shirt available for purchase!
  4. The coupon book fundraiser will be coming out soon. It will be all electronic so that coupons will be available on your phone.  Instead of selling books, it will be a card with a code on it to activate all the coupons.
  5. There was a question about the PTO supply boxes and how/who should fill them up. There are labeled boxes in the closet in the back near the car rider doors that can be used to re-stock the supply boxes.  If there is a specific need, please let the PTO know!
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm
  • Notes taken and submitted by Ashlee Martzall