21-22 PTO Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2022 at 6:30pm (Virtual meeting)

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Lauren Wise, Vice President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal, and one other attendee.

Lauren Wise opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

-Dr. McPherson said that field trips are scheduled for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade with 2nd having one in house.

-The new secretary was hired and will train alongside Mrs. Jacoby.

-May 31 all LeTort graduates are invited to come back at 1:30 to be congratulated.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara Beakes noted there is currently $13,224.39 in the bank

Cans-4-Kids YTD $339.05

Online donations for read-a-thon $1,255.23

Previous / Upcoming events:

 Lauren Wise shared that Movie Night went well and there were a lot of people.

Karen Giffin reported that Take Out Tuesday at MOD pizza was a success. The PTO made $106.55 from that event.

Jess Martin mentioned that we will be having a sub sale running in May. Orders are due May 6 and can be picked up at school on May 17 from 4:30-6:30. It’s also a PTO meeting.

Karen talked about the Daddy/Daughter paint night on April 22. The event was limited to the first 45 families to sign up due to space. There was a family that had a concern about limiting the event to certain numbers. It was explained to them the reason why a limit was necessary for this and all our events. Knowing now how successful the turnout was, we have already looked to new and additional options for this event going forward to be able to accommodate much larger numbers of participants.

Lauren updated the group on the status of the yearbook. It’s in the editing phase and is going well. More pictures are still needed.

Melissa Hochreiter mentioned the end of year picnic scheduled for May 26 from 6-8. The goal is to keep it the same as in years past. Some suggestions are for a bounce house and basket raffle. The PTO officers are currently looking for donations of hotdogs, rolls, bottled water, and other drinks. Look for a sign up genius to come out.

Melissa talked about the staff appreciation meals. Monday, April 25th, the teachers were treated to breakfast from NY Bagel. There will be a Luau catered from the Whitworth family on May 6.

Elections for next year’s officer positions will likely remain the same. There were few nominations that came in. Gabriela Hagiu was nominated for the new Assistant Treasurer position. Official elections will be held at the May PTO meeting.

The PTO talked about having a $15 or less limit available for field trips in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:01.

Next meeting May 17th.

Minutes submitted by Jess Martin.



March 22, 2022 at 6:30 (In-person meeting)

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Lauren Wise, Vice President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal, Mrs. Mitchell, 6th grade teacher; and one other attendee.

Melissa Hochreiter opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

 -Dr. McPherson talked about the spirit day calendar for March. The teachers also get treats each week.

-The end of the 3rd marking period is coming up.

Treasurer’s Report:

 Tara Beakes noted there is currently $12,560.17 in the account. The Read-A-THON is wrapping up. There is still money coming in for that.

School assembly $445

Field trips so far: 4th grade $633.50
                           5th grade $115

6th grade T-shirts $261.65

Previous / Upcoming Events:

 Melissa Hochreiter reported that the spirit wear sale is complete.

Karen Giffin mentioned that Take-Out Tuesday made $136.20 from Fudruckers. Credit was given to all families who came. The next one is April 5 at MOD Pizza.

Melissa Hochreiter shared that the Read-A-THON is currently over $2,000 and was a huge success. It will be wrapping up shortly.

Lauren Wise discussed Movie Night. The PTO will be showing Sing 2 on March 25 at 6pm. This is the rescheduled date from the winter. We will be serving popcorn, cookies, and water.

Jess Martin talked about another fundraiser for the month of May. Ideas are still being discussed.

Karen Giffin mentioned that the Daddy/Daughter evening will be a paint night with desserts on April 22. It will be capped at 45 families due to space.

Melissa talked about Administrative Professional Day and doing something for Mary Jacoby.

Melissa shared that during PSSA week the PTO will provide the teachers with a breakfast on April 25 and a food truck luncheon on May 6.

The end of the year picnic was discussed. We are looking at May 25 and possibly having a bounce house.

Dr. Janssen is looking for volunteers for Olympic and Awesome Activity Day. There is a sign up genius on the blog. Grades 3-6 (Olympic Day) is in the AM and K-2 (Awesome Activity Day) is in the PM. All Kindergarteners are invited.

Field Trips:

5th grade will be going to Philadelphia on May 25. A few chaperones will be needed.

4th grade is going to the Fulton and Central Market

Open Floor / Discussions / Questions

Mrs. Mitchell shared that t-shirts were ordered for 6th grade for field day. The PTO will also be providing free lunch (subs) and buying drinks around the last day of school.

PTO will be covering the cupcakes for 6th grade graduation.

PTO also discussed separately, the return of field trips and PTO’s funding of said trips. PTO agreed that all field trips, for now, will be considered on a case by case basis, but that most importantly it is PTO’s duty to try and accommodate any and all requests, within reason, and if funds are not available, to acquire or raise funds, so that all students are able to enjoy all available field trip opportunities.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20.

Next meeting April 21st

Minutes submitted by Jess Martin, Secretary




Tuesday, February 15th, at 6:30 pm (LeTort Library)

Melissa Hochreiter, president; Lauren Wise, Vice President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Karen Giffin, Assistant Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal; and 2 other attendees

Melissa Hochreiter opened the meeting at 6:30 pm

Principal’s Report: 

Three more Preschool Lunch and Learns are scheduled for the rest of the school year.  The May date (5/19 at 6:30) will be for incoming kindergarten students only. Dr. McPherson asked if PTO would be willing to have representation at that May Lunch and Learn.  PTO officers agreed we should have a presence at the event.  

LeTort is holding an assembly on 3/30:  Bright Start Theater presents Great Women in History.  PTO submitted the deposit over the summer, Tara will submit the remaining balance to Dr. McPherson.  Dr. McPherson stated that we will be receiving a discount because Bright Star Theater was booked at several of the PM elementary schools and we are receiving a group rate.

PSSA Dates:  4/26/22-4/28/22 English-Language Arts, 5/2/22-5/3/22 Math, 5/4/22-5/5/22 Science (4th grade only). These dates coincided with Teacher Appreciation Week (week of 5/2)  PTO will provide lunch for the teachers once testing is over.  The food truck was a hit last year.  The luncheon will likely be provided Thursday of the last week of PSSAs.  PTO will also provide breakfast the week of ELA testing on Monday or Tuesday

5/12:  Olympic/Awesome Activity Day for the entire school.  Both KDG classes will also come in to participate.  PTO will provide popsicles after each session.  Dr. Janssen will need volunteers (to be arranged by PTO, closer to the time).

Treasurer’s Report:

Box Tops +$23.80
Laps for LeTort Online +$2.52
Mother/Son Dance DJ -$600
Paid Scholastic Bill -$2,748.34 (free books for kids from book fair)
Tropical Smoothie TOT Dinner +$70.36
Mother/Son Dance brought in $1,220 ($58.96 under budget)

Total in Bank $11,601.28 (last month ~$16,000)

Previous Event Recap:

Spiritwear: There are three orders still on backorder, mostly tye-dye items. J&K Embroidery is working to get updates from their suppliers.  This is a supply chain issue.

Mother/Son Dance:  144 attendees, 8 gallons of ice cream eaten.  Some cookies and brownies, paper products left over.  Leftovers to be used at movie night.  People were satisfied with the dessert route instead of dinner.  $20 is a comfortable price.  Accounting for several families with multiple kids, PTO may need to adjust pricing in the future.  Ashlee M. reported that there were 18 families attending with more than one child.  In the future, PTO will continue to indicate that “special ladies” or grandmas are also included.  There was a suggestion to maybe switch to $5 per person for additional children in future.  In general, things ran smoothly, the line for ice cream and check in went quickly.  Each mom received a rose.  The kids were excited about Comet Man being there. 

Upcoming Events:

Movie Night: Reschedule for March 25th.  5:50 pm doors, 6 pm movie, finished by 9 pm.   Popcorn will be provided, but the machine needs babysitting at the event and testing before the event.

Takeout Tuesday:  Arooga’s was in February, Karen Giffin hasn’t received an update on funds raised yet.  Fuddruckers on 741 is scheduled for March 8th,  Friendly’s in Centerville is scheduled for May. Student ambassadors will be used at Friendly’s during the fundraiser time.  Suggestions for April included Mod Pizza and Jack’s.  

Talent Show:  Will not be on the calendar this year, as there are already too many things in March.  PTO will revisit this event next year. 

Other fundraisers:  Jess Martin will organize a sub sale for mid-April.  Dream Dinners will be revisited in the Fall.  Order ahead food fundraisers such as Hess’ BBQ and Moe’s Southwest Grille will be revisited in the Fall.  

Father/Daughter Date night:  April 8th.  Gabriela Hagiu will help.  Dance option was discussed:  PTO would need to book DJ, procure food and help for food distribution.  PTO discussed whether we should keep this event as a dance, as well as how to proceed with mom/son night in the future.   We discussed updating so it’s not just boys running and moms socializing.  Also discussed if 2 hours is too long.  Budget for Father/Daughter date night is whatever is collected as ticket fees, this is not a fundraiser but a community event.  The price for our favorite DJ is now $600, we need approximately 30 attendees (at a $20 cost) to cover this.  Lauren Wise commented that she has had people express interest in this event.  Melissa Hochreiter mentioned an event done at LS school district possibly run by Jenny Steffy of Pequea ES that is like a “Painting with a Twist” night.  Art supplies were provided to attendees.  This idea was very popular among meeting attendees.  Karen Giffin will reach out to Laurie Harnish and Jenny Steffy to see if we can set something up as an alternative or add on to the Father/Daughter Date/Dance Night.  Food at this event would be sweet and salty snacks.

End of Year 6th grade events:  T-shirts and popsicles to be provided by PTO for the 6th grade Field Day event.  Melissa Hochreiter suggested researching T-shirts now due to overall supply chain issues.  PTO would need to provide 45 shirts for LeTort 6th graders.  We would need size breakdown, which Mary Jacoby may still have from Laps for LeTort.  Dr. McPherson commented that in years past T-shirts were a bulk order from all the elementary PTOs and she would check with Dr. Cox at Eshelman and Dr. Janssen.  Gabriela Hagiu  commented that she has a contact at MU for shirts if we need to order separately.   

5th Grade Field Trip: Melissa Hochreiter discussed that she reached out to the 5th grade teachers to see if this was happening so we can put aside money.  Dr. McPherson stated she is leaving it up to the teachers, and that Mrs. Moyer and Mrs. Beighley are discussing options;  however, it is almost too late to plan something and it is more likely that any field trips would happen again next school year.  No other teachers have discussed any field trips. Bus driver shortages are an issue as well.   

March Spirit:  Dr. McPherson will be having a Spirit Calendar for March with support from PTO. 

Open Floor Discussion:

Yearbook:  The yearbook vendor is sending free flyers to the school.  Parents will need to go online and order.  PTO will coordinate with Mary Jacoby if any family is unable to order online.  Yearbooks will be mailed to school and sorted by teacher.  PTO’s deadline to submit information to the yearbook vendor is flexible, with a 2 week turn around.  Melissa Hochreiter wants to aim for the beginning of May to finish, with a hard deadline of 5/15.  A proof should be sent to Lauren Wise within 3 days.  An early order discount is available, as well as the ability for parents to add their own photos to a front section.  PTO will purchase and supply yearbooks for all LeTort 6th graders.  The estimated cost per yearbook is about $20, so Tara B will budget for approximately $1,000.  

Other passive fundraisers:

Boxtops:  Not much can really happen with that program anymore as it has gone completely electronic.   

Weis: collects $ for us similar to A+ Schools program.  A one time code would need to be added to one’s bonus card account.  This can be found on social media, the school blog or by reaching out to PTO.  

Cans for Kids: Aluminum cans are collected at the back of the school.  Mr. Rohm handles this program.    

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm

Next monthly meeting will take place Tuesday, March 22nd at 6:30 pm

President – Melissa Hochreiter        melissamannix@hotmail.com / 717-538-0401
Vice President – Lauren Wise           lewise1013@yahoo.com 
Treasurer – Tara Beakes                   tbeakes@aol.com
Secretary – Jess Martin                     hessjl@yahoo.com
Asst. Officer – Karen Giffin                karen.giffin@gmail.com
PTO Email Address –              letortelempto@gmail.com


Jan 13, 2022 at 6:30 (In-person meeting)

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Lauren Wise, Vice President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal; Mrs. Johnson, 6th grade teacher; and three other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Principal’s Report:

-Dr. McPherson mentioned that all of the LeTort 6th graders will be attending Marticville Middle next year. Our school is a gray area (swing) so it’s based on class sizes in the district.

-Dr. McPherson shared that all weather make-up days will be used before any virtual days. If LeTort is shut down for COVID reasons the teachers will be live from their classrooms while students are virtual.

The PTO scholarships for seniors was digitized this year. (2 @ $500 each)

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara noted there is currently $1624.64 in the account.

Dine in at Mick’s brought in $55 and Panera brought in $81.92

Book Fair made a profit of $1543.43

Script (limited) brought in $80.97

Holiday Shoppe made $908.27

Movie Renewal License was $693

Previous / Upcoming Events:

-Spirit Wear should be in by the end of the month (backorders)

-Melissa reported that the Book Fair was very successful! The E-wallet also went well.

-There was open discussion about different ideas for the next Holiday Shop including possibly trying it at 5 Below.

-Melissa talked about the parent / teacher conference meal for the teachers. It went smooth and the teacher’s enjoyed them.

-Jess reported that the Giving Tree was successful. It was discussed to get it set up sooner for Kindergarten conferences.

-Lauren discussed the Yearbook. There were six entries turned in by 6th graders to be voted on by the staff for the yearbook cover. Lauren also reminded those in attendance about the Google drive for pictures.

-Lauren talked about the upcoming movie night Sing 2 on January 28 @ 6pm. The PTO plans to provide popcorn and water.

-Ashlee shared her thoughts for the Mother / Son dance to be held on February 11. The theme is School Spirit.

-The PTO is looking to have a sub sale possibly in March. Other fundraiser ideas are Dream Dinners and Hess’s BBQ.

-Melissa mentioned the Talent Show hopefully being held in-person, if there is enough interest.

Open Floor / Discussion:

Mrs. Johnson shared how much the PTO is appreciated for all they do for the teachers.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:34pm.

Next meeting Feb 15 at 6:30

Minutes submitted by Jess Martin, Secretary


November 16, 2021 at 6:30 (virtual meeting)

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Lauren Wise, Vice President; Tara Beakes, Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal; Mrs. Wright 3rd grade teacher, and two other attendees.

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm

Principal’s Report:

-Dr. McPherson thanked everyone for their patience while Mrs. Jacoby was out of the office.

-Dr. McPherson also mentioned that Mrs. Jacoby will be retiring at the end of the school year.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara noted that there is currently $14,217.32 in the account.

Cans 4 Kids- $26.70     

Spirit wear- $383.50

Laps totals: Online donations came to $3099.85          Cash and checks $6165.00

The amount we made on laps was $5796.87 after the cost of shirts and the DJ.

Previous / Upcoming Events:

Melissa reported that the all school PTO meeting with Dr. Egan went well. She noted that teachers are struggling and working hard to get Penn Manor back to Penn Manor as a group. It was recommended by Dr. Egan that if parents have questions about policy and school issues, the district is available to answer all questions and their job is customer service to the Penn Manor community. We are working hard to take the burden off teachers.

Spirit wear is ready to be delivered 

Karen mentioned that dining out at Mick’s had a good turn out. She’s unsure how much money was made that night. The December take out Tuesday will be held at Panera Bread in Rohrerstown.

Melissa reported that roller skating at The Castle was a huge success! There were over 175 kids there. A good time was had by all.  

Erika discussed the book fair. Set up begins Friday after school. It will be open Monday from 8 to 8 and Tuesday from 8 to 2pm. E-wallet is recommended. Each student will receive a free book up to $5 from the PTO.

Melissa mentioned that the teachers will be served a boxed meal during conferences on Monday. 

Jess talked about the giving tree for the teachers. It will be set up in the lobby during conferences and through the month of December. A sign up genius will also be available.

Melissa reported that the holiday shop will be December 9th from 4 to 8pm. Paying with venmo is preferred but not necessary.

Open Floor / Discussion;

Mrs. Wright shared her appreciation of the PTO on behalf of the teachers.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:11 pm

Minutes submitted by Jess Martin, Secretary.


October 21, 2020, at 6:30 pm (virtual meeting)

In attendance: Melissa Hochreiter, President; Lauren Wise, Vice President; Tara Beakes, 

Treasurer; Jess Martin, Secretary; Karen Giffin, Asst. Officer; Dr. Carly McPherson, Principal

Mrs. Moyer 5th grade teacher, and two other attendees

Melissa opened the meeting at 6:30pm

Principal’s Report:

-Dr. McPherson reported that LeTort was ranked 10th countywide for public schools in Lancaster County by U.S. News and World Reports.

-Parent teacher conferences will be virtual or in-person on Nov. 22 & 23 and sign ups are required.

-Dr. McPherson asked if PTO will be supplying teacher meals during conferences. Meals will be provided on Nov. 22.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tara noted that there is currently $10,582.66 in the account. Laps donations will be reported at a later date.

Previous/Upcoming Events:

Karen mentioned that Take Out Tuesday (Dining-In Night) will be November 9th at Mick’s in Willow Street. A flyer will be needed for LeTort to get credit for the sale.

Melissa reported that we made $550 from the spirit wear sale. 

Next, Melissa reported that Laps was a huge success and the weather was perfect. There were several parents in attendance to cheer on the students. Thanks to all the helpers!

Melissa discussed the Book Fair which will be held during Parent Teacher Conferences Nov. 22 & 23. The theme this year is Polar Bears. The students will visit the book fair during library instruction. Each student will be receiving a “free book” up to $5. The balance of any book over $5 will need to be covered by the student/parent. 

Melissa talked about the Santa Shop that will be held on the evening of December 9 from 4-7pm.

Jess mentioned that the Giving Tree will be set up during conferences and through most of December. There will be a Sign Up Genius available for those who choose a virtual conference. 

The Giving Tree is when teachers give us a wish list of items for their classes. Instead of getting them a gift, consider choosing an item that they need. This is optional.

Lauren talked about Yearbook. We are going with a new company called TreeRing. 

Open Floor/Discussion;

Mrs. Moyer stated her appreciation of the PTO on behalf of all of the teachers.

Ashlee Martzall asked if the teachers preferred in person or virtual meetings. Dr. McPherson said it didn’t matter. Ashlee also asked about a vendor fair with the Santa Shop. The vendor fair will not be taking place this year. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:08 pm. 

Next monthly meeting will take place Tuesday, November 16th at 6:30.

Minutes submitted by Jess Martin, Secretary

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